If you have been following my blog you know that I like to caption my years. Wrap them in a neat title and decide what I’d like the next year to be like. 2015 was the year of joy, 2016 the year of important life lessons. 2017 was the year of friendship. This year is the year I am struggling to come up with a fancy, optimistic title because 2018 has been of the most challenging years so far. But nevertheless, I learned some incredibly valuable lessons on the way and I am incredibly grateful for everyone has supported me… View Post

Now that 2018 is coming to an end, there is no better time to talk about the highlights that came with this year. One of my favourite events of the year happened very recently when I was invited to the annual FDC Young Designer Award Ceremony. If you have been following my blog for a long time, you might recall me going last year. As the event last year had been amazing, I was very much looking forward to having the chance to attend again. So on the 8th of December I made my way to the Pullman Hotel in… View Post

Last weekend, my family came to visit and we spent a weekend eating, drinking, watching TV in the hotel room and doing a bit of shopping. After some very busy weeks at uni, this was exactly what I needed. Work may be important but it’s just as important to take breaks and take care of yourself. Anyway, after we spent Saturday battling the masses on Oxford Street, I finally had some new clothes to show for – although we were exhausted (I swear shopping should be classed as a sport) we had a really good day and were very successful.… View Post

Let’s talk about food. As you can see this post is way longer than usual which says a lot about my priorities I guess (whoops). Anyway, since I moved to London I haven’t only been studying but I’ve also dedicated time to the really important things in life – like trying new places on the hunt for the perfect vegan meal. Even though vegan options aren’t hard to come by nowadays, finding a restaurant with a really good vegan menu can be a bit more tricky, especially if you don’t fancy going through the trouble of altering dishes on the… View Post

Visiting Thailand had been on the top of my bucket list for ages and this summer I finally made it happen. After a month long internship in Bali (which you can read about here) I took the plane to Bangkok and spend a few days there before travelling to Phuket and then Koh Samui. As you already know I really enjoyed my stay on both islands, especially visiting the elephants in Phuket and snorkelling in Koh Samui. And then there was pad thai, do I need to say more? Anyway, I was debating whether I wanted to write a post… View Post

Although I strongly believe that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, writing this post still fills me with fear as I am sharing such a personal part of my life. But even though I am nervous to upload this piece of writing, I think it’s important to raise awareness for a condition that is quite unknown and sadly, pretty stigmatised. If this post can spread some awareness and understanding or even just make others experiencing similar problems feel less alone, then it is worth it. Also, hiding has never helped me get anywhere in my life so I’m… View Post

Since Thailand had been on my travel bucket list for ages and I was in Asia anyway, I simply had to go right? I ended up travelling from Bali to Bangkok, from there to Phuket and last but not least, I spent a few days in Koh Samui with a close friend of mine. Today I want to share one of the absolute highlights of my travels – my visit to the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. Before travelling to Asia, I knew that I wanted to visit a sanctuary at one point and although the Phuket one had stood out to… View Post

If you’re following me on social media and have seen my countless photos of the beach and various versions of vegan breakfast, you already know that I spent a month in Bali. Or is it on Bali since it’s an island? Anyway, let’s ignore the grammar. I actually can’t believe that I only spent a month in Bali, I experienced and learned so much during that time that it feels like half a year rather. I went to Bali with the organisation SLV.Global, about to do a 4 weeks placement in the mental health sector. Due to confidentiality, there are… View Post

I hope June has been treating you well so far. My June has been pretty busy – I started an internship in London whilst trying to sort out my travel plans for this summer. Apart from that my days have been filled with thinking about possible dissertation topics, taking photos to sell clothes on Depop, celebrating the return of Love Island and finally, I’m also back to blogging. After the exam period it feels great to finally have some time to write and share what has been going on recently. And what better way to get back into blogging then… View Post

Earlier this year, I got out my travel bucket list and finally ticked off a place I had wanted to see for ages, Stockholm. The idea to travel to Sweden came to rather spontaneously, when I was sitting in a group room at uni and realised two things: 1. I didn’t have any plans for reading week and 2. I was suffering with severe wanderlust. Sweden had always been a country I really wanted to visit and when I found out that neither flights nor rooms were expensive during my week off, it was a done deal. So fast forward… View Post