Let’s talk | Self-Expression & Fashion

We can express ourselves in many different ways. Through the way we live, through the way we treat others, through our job and of course, through clothing – and this is a way of self-expression I am particularly passionate about. When I was very young, I only wore clothes I really liked and felt comfortable in. And when I’m looking back now, I’m glad that I did, even though I was wearing some crazy combinations and some clothes that might have made me look younger – I felt happy and comfortable in my own skin, and that’s how things should be. This didn’t last forever though – eventually I became older and more prone to the opinions of other people, especially those at school, and I began to change and started wearing clothes to blend into my group of friends, ditching my beloved red trousers for tight jeans and wearing shirts with – I have to admit – pretty strange prints on them. I am sure a lot of us went through a time like that where we used fashion to blend in and to impress others rather than expressing ourselves through it. When I got a bit older I slowly began to free myself from the expectations of others and I realised that clothes should not be worn to please anyone else but yourself and I became really passionate about fashion. Because it is so much more than just wearing pretty clothes. Fashion is an amazing way to tell a story and most importantly, to tell your own story. I love how you can experiment with clothes, how many different possibilities you have and how there are always clothes that fit my mood perfectly. If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I mostly love clothes that people would probably describe as ‘feminine’ and ‘classy’ – I hardly ever wear bright colours or crazy prints, not because I think it doesn’t look good but because it doesn’t feel like myself – I want to wear clothes that feel like a part of myself, clothes that make me feel good in my own body. And sometimes there are days when colourful clothes make me feel that way, but usually I prefer wearing white, grey, blue, burgundy and of course – black. Is that even a colour? Well, it’s definitely my colour. I think everyone should feel free in their choice of clothes. If you feel like wearing a ‘girly’ dress, do it. If you feel like wearing black clothes and a hat, go for it. I don’t think we should limit ourselves to just having ‘one style’ – no, we can have as many different styles as want. There might be days when I want to wear an oversized hoodie, jeans and boots and then there are days when I’m wearing heels and a tight skirt – and I’m not dressing this way because I feel the need to impress someone, I’m wearing these clothes for myself. When I went to High School some people couldn’t understand why I would dress up for school – well I didn’t dress up for school, I dressed up because I wanted to and because I love fashion and experimenting with it – it is your body, your choices. I don’t get why you would judge others because you don’t agree with their choice of clothing.
Being different isn’t something that’s bad. I think this is one of the things we all have to learn eventually – it is okay not to dress or act like the others, to look different – it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with it. Some people love fashion and love trying out new trends, some people prefer vintage clothes or others aren’t interested in fashion at all. As long as we feel comfortable with what we’re wearing, that’s great. Another thing I’d like to talk about is trends – some people get judged because they follow trends and because their clothes are ‘main stream’ and I feel like this is a wrong approach – if you like a trend, why not go with it? As long as you are doing for yourself, and not for someone else. Sometimes we have to take fashion to the next level and disregard the rules we (or society) have made for us – who says I can’t wear a jumpsuit or a long dress just because I’m not that tall? Or a cute dress because it makes me look younger than I am? You can wear whatever you want. There are no limits. So let’s try to cross the boundaries we have created for ourselves and let’s fully embrace everything that the world of fashion has to offer. There are not limits to your creativity and there are no rules on how you have to dress. Fashion offers an amazing opportunity for self-expression, so why not take it?
I would love to hear your opinions about this topic. Do you think self-expression through clothes is import? Leave a comment below. x
  • I think fashion was created just for this reason – expressing yourself. I see nothing bad in dressing the way YOU want to and feel like. And I don't get those people who only dress nicely just to impress someone. Or assume that I am trying to impress someone just because I showed up one day with a nice dress or outfit that I don't usually wear. Like no, I dressed this way because I wanted to and because I felt like it, not just because I am trying to impress someone.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • I think self-expression through clothes can be important! I personally love it, the fact we can creatively create and express oneself through what we are wearing. I don't stick to one style, I love mixing and matching. Some days I prefer to be lazy, some days I want to get dressed up! Xx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

  • I completely agree with you, that's exactly how I feel! x

  • Same, I love the variety of choices we got! x

  • I love this. It explains self-expression through fashion and what some of our society can assume from what we wear now-a-days in a nutshell perfectly. It's so important to remember to not having to stick by certain limits – don't think you can't wear that jumpsuit because you're not tall enough, or having to stick to only one style. Explore with fashion, it's the beauty of it. 🙂 x

  • Thank you! x And yes, that is what fashion should be about! 😉