Bayonne Diaries

Narrow streets, colourful houses and a gorgeous cathedral in the centre – if you have ever visited the south west of France, you know immediately which city I am talking about: Bayonne. A while ago I visited this beautiful place for a day and maybe, just maybe you can remember my Instagram picture of all the colourful houses or my tweets that I’m officially in blogger’s paradise. Which was definitely true – after walking through heavy rain I finally found a little café with shortbread, cupcakes, white tea and the best wifi in the world. If you’re a blogger I am sure you can understand my excitement. So while it was raining I stayed there enjoying my breakfast and catching up on some blog posts. Luckily, the weather did not stay like this for the rest of the day so as the clock struck 11 the rain suddenly stopped and I went out to explore what Bayonne had to offer. Which surprisingly, was a lot even though Bayonne isn’t as touristic as Biarritz or Bordeaux. I spent the majority of my time taking pictures of all the stunning little houses, eating cake and just walking through all the narrow streets, exploring the centre of the city. I came across many cafés and shops, walked through the park next to the old castle and I also visited the market and the city hall which are both located at the riverside.
After taking a walk along the river, I walked back to the centre of the city to visit the Bayonne Cathedral, the most famous sight of the city. Its architecture was simply stunning and it was just as beautiful as the cathedrals I had visited in Bordeaux. During the day the weather had changed from really wet and grey to really warm and sunny so I spontaneously decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach in Anglette. I had heard that this was the most beautiful beach of the region and when I arrived I could understand why – in contrast to other beaches the beach of Anglette goes on for miles and it is truly idyllic. I was also one of the only people out there so I got to enjoy a really peaceful and quiet end of the day. However stressed I am feeling, being near the sea always calms me down. Does anyone else feel the same? A day at the seaside means pure relaxation to me. All in all I can definitely recommend visiting the beach of Anglette and Bayonne so if you’re travelling to the south of France make sure to add in an extra day for these two.
What do you think of Bayonne? If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would that be? x
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  • OMG amazing place! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow me and I'll follow your blog back ASAP!<3

  • Thank you! xx

  • Oh wow, I love the picture with the Cathedral seen through the streets! Great photos, I'd love to visit Bayonne one day. I don't actually know much about this place so it's so nice to learn new things from blogging! Interesting how colourful the window shades are! x

    Sally – DiagonSally

  • Wow the architecture is absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit Bayonne, France is one of my favourite countries to visit and I would love to visit everywhere in France if I could!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  • Bayonne looks so beautiful, what an amazing place! I would love to visit one day! Gorgeous photos 🙂

    El xxx

  • Gorgeous place and lovely photos!

  • So stunning! I'd love to visit Bayonne one day for sure 🙂 France doesn't stop surprising me every single time. If I could travel anywhere right now, I'd go to London and explore all it has to offer and right after it I'd love to go to Machu Picchu! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • Thank you very much, that means a lot coming from you! I agree, one of my favourite things about blogging is discovering new places & new destinations! xx

  • Me too, it is such an interesting country with so many different facades! xx

  • Thank you! xx

  • Thank you! xx

  • Thank you! I am sure you would love it and France it a really interesting country that has a lot to offer! That sounds amazing, London will forever be my favourite city and I would also love to visit Machu Picchu! xx

  • this may sound pathetic but I'm imagining myself walking on the streets hahahah! you captured the beauty of the Bayonne

  • Kay

    You know how much I adore these little travel posts on your blog, hun. 🙂 Whenever you describe places so beautifully, I could just close my eyes and imagine myself being there, too! x The photos are absolutely stunning, also. 🙂 It sounds like you had such a lovely and relaxing day in Bayonne. I know what you mean about being by the sea calming you down, I feel the same way! I actually live close to a beach, but it's a grey, murky British beach, nothing close to as beautiful to what you have over there. 🙂 <3 Thanks for sharing, hun! x


  • It looks so pretty and that cathedral is stunning. I definitely am with you with feeling relaxed at the beach! All your troubles just drift away for a moment while you're there. My dream destination is the Maldives or Bora Bora – paradise!!

    Love Hannah xx

  • Bayonne looks like an incredible place! I love the photos of all the beautiful buildings and architecture there. I would love to visit here someday. Thanks for sharing!

    Eden | Mint Notion

  • This doesn't sound pathetic at all! Thank you! xx

  • Thank you so much, that makes me really happy! I had a really good day in Bayonne and at the seaside. I can imagine that haha but a beach is a beach and even the muddiest and strangest places at the seaside still make me feel at peace. xx

  • Wow visiting these two places would be a dream! And you described that perfectly, that is exactly what being at the seaside does to me. xx

  • You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it! xx

  • What cracking snaps! Bayonne looks absolutely beautiful, I'd love to explore the south of France more. It's on the list! Seems like there's no excuses not to as it's so close by! Thanks for sharing,
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

  • Thank you so much! Exactly, you should definitely go and explore it, you surely won't regret it. ;)xx

  • The pics look gorgeous!
    Jabeen x

  • Thank you! xx

  • Even though I am completely and utterly obsessed with France I had never properly heard of Bayonne before – it looks so lovely! I love the 4th last photo you took, Mira! I also completely, completely get what you mean about how the seaside just relaxes you, the sound of the waves just seem to push everything else out of my head 🙂


  • I just scrolled to figure out which one were talking about haha – I'm glad you liked it! And if you ever get the chance, you should definitely visit, it is an amazing place 😉 xx