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Imagine blogging didn’t exist. So many hours filled with writing, planning and interacting with the community would have to be filled again and dedicated to something else. A situation that is really hard to imagine, especially if blogging is a firm part of your daily life and has the therefore become a firm part of you as a person.
It all started as a simple hobby, something I did from time to time. When I typed up my first blog post that was about my July favourites I never imagined where blogging would lead me and that it would eventually be more than just a thing I occasionally did. Right now I can’t picture my life without my blog and I am sure most bloggers would agree with me because as we all know, blogging can be very addictive. But luckily, blogging doesn’t come with many negative side effects, if you don’t count taking so many pictures of your pasta that you’re rather eating a pasta salad in the end. But jokes aside, blogging definitely helped me in many different ways and if you’re a blogger I’m sure you can relate to me.

First of all blogging somehow provides a frame. When I went to my cousin’s graduation a few days ago it took me back to my own graduation and I stood there honestly wondering where the last two years went. And while I was looking back reflecting on my graduation and my time at school a thought crossed my mind – while I didn’t particularly miss school I missed having a structure and a clear purpose. Even though I might come across differently I am secretly craving stability and I’d probably do better in a 9 to 5 job than as a freelance worker. While I was living abroad I sometimes didn’t have a routine and in situations like these I was more than happy to rely on blogging to at least provide the sense of having a structure. Because if you upload on the same days and take part in the same Twitter chats that definitely brings structure into your life.

But it is more than that: not only does blogging come with structure it also comes with a sense of pride and achievement. I am a really ambitious person and I love feeling like I have achieved something and therefore blogging certainly fits my personality. I try not to measure my blog in numbers and to value each text that I’ve written, as long as I feel passionate and happy about it. I love having something of my own, something I have created and something that I have done all by myself. My blog is my little space on the internet and that’s an amazing feeling. On my blogging journey I also came to understand why people loved the idea of having a restaurant or a bar of their own – it is a great feeling indeed and therefore blogging comes with a privilege that not many people in life possess: to be able to actually see your work. That applies for most creative jobs of course. In other areas your work is a lot more ‘abstract’. So even when I’m having a bad day or week and feel like a lot is going wrong I know that I still have my blog to rely on. I still have a sense of achievement even when other things appear to be failing and of course, there is still is an amazing community.

Speaking of blogging as a creative job or in my case, hobby, I also need blogging as a creative outlet. I love having my own space to ‘design’ just like I want and that there are endless opportunities for content and posts. I love having the ability to write about what is on my mind and to share my thoughts and worries. And to inspire people, this one definitely comes before all the other perks of blogging. In terms of inspiring others, my favourite thing about having a blog is that it gives you the opportunity to have a say in this world and to share your beliefs. We all got interesting and individual opinions and being a blogger we got the amazing and also crucial opportunity to make use of our voices. Speaking of opportunities, the opportunity to mention Ghandi in this context is too good not to take. He was preaching us to be the change we want to see in this world and I believe that this is one of the most important and inspiring quotes from him. We should use our voices and speak up, even if a topic might be controversial. But I’ll probably write a separate post about this topic soon as it’s important to me and deserves a post entirely dedicated to it.

Not only does blogging provide structure it also comes with a lot of work, especially if you are doing it full-time and if you are taking promoting it on social media very seriously (hides in a corner and makes a vow to get better at this). As a blogger your work is never entirely done and there is always something else you could do to improve your traffic or to enhance your audience. But I think that’s great because as bloggers being bored and not knowing how to fill your day thus doesn’t happen. The only downside is not knowing when to stop though. Getting caught up in numbers is easy, way easier than just letting things flow. Seeing your stats drop can be very discouraging and therefore we are faced with a certain amount a pressure, a pressure that actually comes from inside ones and that we can choose to control. But yes, I would be lying if I said it was easy to find the balance between blogging and life. I always try to remind myself that blogging is still a hobby and that it should be fun, if not it becomes a chore instead. And that’s the last thing I want to happen. But still, there is no better feeling than having an extra half an hour and then dedicating it to your blog – a feeling of productivity that playing Candy Crush definitely wouldn’t evoke.

All in all, blogging almost feels like being part of a different world, a parallel universe. Just like the blogging community feels so real and yet somehow surreal but that doesn’t make it any less interesting and unique. When I talked about all the perks of blogging I forgot to mention one thing: escapism. Blogging allows us to escape into another world, a world where we can present ourselves just like we want and a world where we can be creative and speak up, a world where our voices are heard. I really appreciate that opportunity and that form of escapism although we shouldn’t forget to transfer these values into the real world so these two worlds don’t clash but unite.

What do you think?
Do you need blogging? Do you struggle to find a balance between blogging and life?
I’d love to hear your thoughts. x

  • I loved this post! I'll be the first to admit that when life gets crazy busy the first thing to get left behind is my blog, but I still really love having it as a part of my life-it's made me so much more confident and I've found so many lovely people! I definitely agree with your point about escapism as well! Kate x

  • "Imagine if blogging didn't exist" you just described my nightmare lol! I completely agree with everything you said, it's so true that it provides a sense of structure because I too have left college now and I'm kinda like wait what happened to having things structured in my life. And blogging is perfect for a sense of achievement and it's such a great feeling too look back at your posts and think "wow, I did that" and to look at all the hard work you put into it. Great post and I'm sure many of us blogging addicts can relate 🙂


  • For me I like having something aside from work that I'm passionate about and I think I need my blog as a creative outlet because my job isn't particularly creative and that's what I missed before I started my blog!
    Amy xx

  • Great blog post! Blogging is a great way for me to practice my writing and to write about things I am passionate about!

    Rebecca x


  • I love that you spoke about this topic, Mira! I do feel like I need blogging in my life, I can't imagine it without it. Also, I always felt like I have my blog under control and it doesn't really clash with my personal life but recently I have been struggling a lot, give it a trip or a work. I feel tired and even a bit unmotivated to blog and I really do hope that I'll get back to my normal self again. I do love blogging and I wish to do it for many more years 🙂 No matter if it's a hobby or a job. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! The same applies for my blog, it is still a hobby after all. And yes blogging has brought so much happiness into my life xx

  • Thank you, that means a lot! xx I love that blogging provides a structure and I can imagine that that it helps you now that you've left college. And having a blog really gives you a reason to be proud xx

  • I can completely understand that, I need that too! xx

  • Thank you! xx

  • I am really glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I always find blogging really hard during summer and I've been struggling a lot over the last few weeks – so I can understand where you're coming from. I'm sure you will rediscover your passion for blogging though as your writing is amazing and your posts never fail to make me smile xx

  • This is so true about blogging. I like writing and I like to share my thoughts on my blog. It's like my diary. And blog is like a friend that will always listen to your stories.

  • That's so true! xx

  • Well, amen to that!
    Blogging is my escape. and when I look back at my posts I feel so proud of myself!
    Such a great post. Thank you for sharing
    Marilyn x

  • Yes! Blogging has definitely added structure to my life, as well as encouraged me to try new things that I would not have otherwise. Absolutely love it!

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

  • It's really nice post my dear <33 i love blogging 🙂
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  • Blogging is 100% a hobby and creative outlet for me and I am not at (and hope I never get to) that point where it becomes all about numbers and traffic. I love that I can look back through my blog and see what I was thinking/passionate about at the time, what was going on in my life, what I was thinking. I love that I get to connect with both like-minded and different people. "Be that change that you wish that you wish to see in the world" always has been one of my absolute favourite quotes, and it's so important for us to remember what we do (big or small scale) matters.


  • Thank you! xx

  • Thank you! xx

  • Thank you Ania! xx

  • I can completely relate to that, I also love the 'diary aspect' of my blog. And I also love connecting with other bloggers, that's one of the best things about blogging. I hope I never get to that point either as blogging can be a lot at times xx

  • Great post! Blogging is a great hobby, which can also be turned into a business. It's nice to have your own place on the internet where others enjoy visiting and reading your work.

    Eden | Mint Notion

  • Thank you! That's true xx

  • Oh my gosh, this post could not have come at a better time. My comments section broke down recently, so no one could comment on my blog. when I fixed it, my blog wiped away all the comments from previous posts. that got me so discouraged that I stopped networking for a few days and my ratings dropped. that discouraged me even more to the point that blogging did feel like a chore. I'm pushing through it, still networking, but I can definitely attest to that feeling of just getting caught up in numbers, and forgetting about why I started blogging in the first place. Thank you Mira, my angel, much needed.


  • Wow I just wrote a comment and it totally deleted on me! I didn't know that still happens…anyways what I was saying was I'm going to sound a bit old here but Livejournal was the OG of blogging. It was my escape and place where I could fully express myself creatively and rantingly (I know it's not a word but you know what I mean. If blogging didn't exist I'd make it exist! Lovely post girl!

    Stacey + http://www.thebambieyes.com

  • You're welcome, I'm always happy to help! And I can totally understand that, that would have really discouraged me too but remember that many more lovely comments will be left under your blog posts. 😉 xx

  • That's really annoying! Of course I know what you mean, I feel exactly the same way about blogging. And I love that, I'm sure you would make it happen. 😉 xx

  • I love how you call it a parallel universe and it is so true. I absolutely love blogging and knowing people from this whole different world who are so much like me x


  • Imagine Blogging didn't exist- nope couldn't deal with that aha, Seriously such a great post Mira took the words right out of my mouth. I do find I need blogging as it's my own little space an online diary for me to express myself. I do find I struggle with getting the perfect balance of life and blogging at times, an it's often my blog that gets forgotten about which I am trying to change slowly but at the end of the day it's still a hobby.

    Loved reading this post hun 🙂 xx


  • Loved this post. I don't know what I'd do without blogging! I only came into the blogging world last year and I had no idea how awesome it would be! All the support from fellow bloggers is amazing and I speak to bloggers more than I do my "real friends" if that makes sense? I do find it hard sometimes to fit it into work life, but as you mentioned I just remember that it is a hobby and so just relax and let it happen when it happens.

    Love Hannah xx


  • Really enjoyed this post – I love the outlet my blog has given me, find it so cathartic writing it and getting feedback on it has been amazing but will admit I really struggle with the promotion and technical side of it all!

    Has been really nice to get to know other bloggers too and to immerse myself in blogs I never would have come across otherwise.

    Thanks for posting!

    Jaye x – http://www.howtoalmostbeapornstar.com