Copenhagen Diaries


The funny thing is that we never planned to go to Copenhagen. The thought of visiting Denmark’s capital had certainly crossed our minds but we decided that it was too far to reach (by boat) in only a few days and therefore planned to explore the north of Germany instead. Well, you can’t always plan everything ahead, can you? When we were driving north on a cold Thursday afternoon the weather continuously got worse to the point where it was raining cats and dogs – and looking at the sky there really wasn’t much hope for better weather. I turned on my phone to check the weather forecast and it didn’t look much better for the following days, either. So when we passed by Flensburg, a lovely German city where our sailing trip should have began, we didn’t take the exit but continued to go northwards. It was already pretty late by that time but that didn’t stop us and we continued our journey to Nyborg, a Danish city located about an hour from the capital. On the way we had booked a night at a hotel in Nyborg – hooray for mobile data & – and it turned out to be the loveliest little place. We even had our own balcony and a great view over the harbour – so please, if you ever plan on staying in Nyborg, Villa Gulle won’t disappoint you.

But wait, this post isn’t about Nyborg, it is about Copenhagen. At the crack of dawn – well, 10am, close enough – my dad and me checked out and drove to the central station to catch a train to Copenhagen. The train ride was really smooth and we both enjoyed the view over the Danish countryside. I just love Denmark, we used to go there by boat quite a lot, and whenever I visit I feel so peaceful and relaxed. I don’t know what it is about Denmark, but it just has its charm. When we arrived in Copenhagen, it was actually really sunny, although the pictures don’t show that – the sun disappeared after about half an hour but we were still incredibly lucky in terms of weather as it started pouring down 10 minutes after we had finished our ‘sightseeing tour’. So what did we do in Copenhagen? We first walked all the way past Tivoli Garden (home to a nostalgic theme park) to the city centre. And I have to say, this city was right up my street. Copenhagen is home to a huge number of independent little shops, cafés and art galleries and if you know me, you know that I instantly fell in love. In a way Copenhagen reminded me of Berlin and I couldn’t help but exclaim ‘wow look at all these hipster cafés’ only to have my dad asking ‘what is hipster?!’ I tried to explain but failed and realised that I only had a vague idea of the definition. But anyway, that is besides the point. After exploring the centre of Copenhagen, we walked to the parliamentary buildings and had a look at Christiansborg Palace – the architecture was stunning. But the best thing about visiting Christiansborg was that we came across a little garden right in front of a library.

Unexpected discoveries are my favourite thing about exploring and as the weather was still doing alright, we sat down for a while and enjoyed the atmosphere (and I couldn’t help but take a picture for Instagram as this garden was literally the definition of instagrammable). After a while we continued our sightseeing tour and walked all the way to Christiania, a ‘free town’ in Copenhagen, and an independent community. I came there not knowing what to expect and it’s safe to say that I was surprised. I had just expected more ‘hipster places’ but no, Christiania is literally an independent little city with incredible street art, exotic food and shops and a Green Light District. Photos weren’t allowed for obvious reasons but passing through this town was an experience I won’t ever forget and I took some pictures of the entrance and ‘outskirts’ of this place. Oh and I had some bread and hummus which was just amazing, I could have had more interesting food but I’m not that adventurous, ups. Last but not least, we walked back to the centre of the city and explored Nyhavn, a little harbour with colourful houses. I remember standing there and feeling absolutely blown away. Honestly though, I could have stayed there all day, it was that beautiful. But we didn’t because there was one last thing on our list, the Little Mermaid, which is apparently one of the main attractions. We weren’t quite sure if it was worth the long walk but we really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The Little Mermaid is sitting on a rock in the sea and if you asked me whether to pay it a visit, I would say. But do it for the beautiful views you get on the walk, not for the actual mermaid. After visiting my best friend the mermaid it started pouring down like there was no tomorrow and we took an uber back to the central station and had dinner in one of the alternative cafés. I had spaghetti with seafood – minus the seafood, story of my life haha. Anyway, having eaten we made our way back to Nyborg and from there back to the north of Germany. Our minds were filled with happy memories of our spontaneous road trip and speaking of, there are two things I can recommend for sure. 1. Copenhagen and 2. Spontaneous road trips. And the combination of the two is definitely a winner.

Have you visited Copenhagen? x

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