10 things I learned about little brothers


Aren’t little brothers amazing? Mine is actually not so little anymore and I got very mixed feelings about that – on the one hand it’s great to have ‘a partner in crime’ and someone I can really talk to – on the other hand I miss my baby brother and the times when we played weird computer games or Make Believe in the garden. How did we grow up so fast? I really want these times back! Anyway, having a little brother is pretty amazing and I don’t really know what I would have done without him. But little brothers don’t just make for perfect playmates they also teach you some (life) lessons and as older sisters (or brothers) we often have to learn these the hard way. So here are some things I learned about little brothers, enjoy the read and tell me if you can relate. xx

  1. Never (and I repeat never) give your brother any sort of toy weapon for his birthday. I’m telling you, it will backfire. I did that once and after becoming my brother’s target for the next few weeks I never did it again. If you are reading that as a younger brother, maybe spare your sister as a target – otherwise you won’t get that cool new Nerf.
  2. If your parents ask who wants to go first declare the opposite of what you really want to achieve as strongly as possible. Your younger brother will be envious and will then try to get the same thing as his older sister. Trust me, this works.
  3. In terms of chocolate there are two options – either get chocolate your brother doesn’t like or lick across the chocolate to prevent him from eating it – a bit gross but that will do.
  4. If he wants to prove that he can stop his fist right in front of your face SAY NO. Same applies for testing his new shield. Let him test that with the neighbours or his classmates. Unless you don’t mind being accidentally punched in the face.
  5. It’s important to get on the same page before discussing a matter with your parents. Two are always stronger than one and alone you often don’t stand a chance. It’s also very frustrating when you’re trying to convince your parents and have your younger brother taking their side. You’re supposed to be on my team, you hear?
  6. If you are like me and don’t like going on rides (especially not those crazy roller-coasters) this one is important: If your younger brother tries to talk you into going on a ride don’t console him by promising that you’ll go on it next time. No matter how forgetful your brother is, he won’t forget that promise. I swear I can’t go to the fun fair with my brother anymore, at least not without being judged.
  7. Let’s talk about the inevitable – household chores. If you share household chores and you need to wait for your brother to finish his first – let’s say he is responsible for unloading the dishwasher and you for putting in the dirty dishes give him a time frame. Otherwise you won’t be able to use this dishwasher for the next 2 months.
  8. Remind him of your birthday. At least when he’s a young kind. And if you want a present you’d better give him hints – a subtle hint like showing him the article on amazon. I have to give credit to my brother in terms of creativity though – one time he forgot to buy me a present and ended up colouring an egg box – I still got it today and for my 18th brother my brother gave me another coloured egg box to revive the memory.
  9. If there is something you really want your brotherĀ notĀ to do just don’t mention it. Little brothers love nothing like provoking their bigger sisters so stressing how important it is to you that he doesn’t do a specific thing usually has the opposite effect than desired. At least until your brother grows up a bit.
  10. If you can teach him your way of humour. I don’t think I ever taught my brother sarcasm though, he just became fluent in it on his own. Often my brother is the only one in the room who laughs at my weird jokes because he’s the only one who fully gets them. We can pretty much communicate by just saying random words and it’s the best thing.

Honestly though, little brothers are pretty damn amazing. So cherish the time you got together, eventually you’ll be so grown up that you write posts about your brother instead of playing Make Believe with him. (Which is a good alternative though I think).


What has your little brother taught you? xx