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Guess who’s starting university this week. And guess who’s already posting her second fashion post within a month. I’m proud to say that there will be more fashion posts coming your way, it looks like I might be becoming a real fashion blogger after all. Well, all jokes aside I’m really excited to start university although my excitement is mixed with a great deal of nervousness. It feels a bit like being a first-grader all over again and even though I’m now 14 years older the questions in my head are nearly the same – what will it be like? Will I be able to keep up with everything? And most importantly, will I find friends? Even though most people don’t admit to be worried about that I am very sure that 99 % if not 100 % of people secretly are and that’s completely normal. Come on, is there really someone who doesn’t find the prospect of meeting 150 new people a bit scary? I very much doubt it. I can’t believe that the two gap years are finally over and that I’m now a university student in London, something I have planned since I was 13. The only thing my plan was missing was the subject I wanted to study and after some internships and other encounters showing me what I definitely didn’t want to study I finally made a choice and I’m very happy with it. The choice actually feels so right and natural that I’m wondering why I hadn’t made it any sooner. But sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and I think I needed this period of insecurity to figure out what I really wanted.

Anyway, I’m genuinely excited for my studies as I have always been passionate about mental health and really interested in the human mind and soul. Yes, I am going to be studying Psychology, even though you have probably figured that out by now. Sure, there will be periods of hard work but studying something you’re truly interested in does make it worthwhile. (mental note: come back to this post when you’re stressed out during exam period). What I am trying to say is that it’s completely fine if you need some time to figure out what you want to do with your life. And let’s be real, I don’t think we will ever completely know the answer. And even that’s fine as there probably isn’t just one, there are many. Anyway, I know that uncertainty can make you feel anxious and that we get pressured by society to come up with answers, but looking back I would like to reassure my 18 year old self and tell her that it’s alright not to know and that answers will come with time. Right now I’m happy with where I am and I now realise that it wasn’t necessary to put that amount of pressure on myself. So please, if you just left High School and decide to take a gap year (or two) do it. Break free from the boundaries of society and create your own. And to those of you who aren’t sure about the choice of their subject – don’t worry about that, time will show whether it’s right for you. If I had started uni right away I would ended up changing subjects eventually and that would have been okay too. You can’t expect your 18 year old self to have everything figured out. BTW – I actually know some people who had it ‘all figured out’ and even those ones ended up going into a completely different direction. I feel like I should dedicate a whole post to this subject at one point and I probably will.

But let’s talk about another topic I’m very passionate about – can you guess what it is? It’s fashion. In particular, autumn fashion. My friend and me recently spent an afternoon walking around in this beautiful scenery and of course she brought her camera so that we could take some pictures for my blog (what would I do without her?). One of my favourite outfits at the moment is the one I’m wearing in these pictures. It consists of a simple black top, my ripped Topshop jeans and my green bomber jacket. Speaking of bomber jackets I’m absolutely loving this trend and I was over the moon to find a good bomber jacket that actually fit me. And I’m a bit obsessed with the colour, it is perfect for autumn. Actually, I’m going to wear the bomber jacket on my first day at uni (which from my perspective is tomorrow and from yours the beginning of this week) so yeah, you can picture a small girl with a green bomber jacket trying to make new friends. Amazing. But let’s talk about something that is truly amazing – my handbag. I picked up this gorgeous bag at Stradivarius and it was fairly cheap (not even 20 Euros) and I’m absolutely loving the colour and it looks great in combination with my bomber jacket (I swear I’ll stop talking about my bomber jacket now). To top off my outfit I added a bracelet I got in Croatia and my trusty boots that are perfect for English, or well Northern European, weather. In my opinion, this look is perfect for going back to uni and I’ll definitely wear it more than once (probably every second day, let’s be real.)

What is your favourite autumn look? x

What I’m wearing

Bomber Jacket – Pull & Bear

Top – Zara

Jeans – Topshop

Bag – Stradivarius