My September


If I had to sum up this month in one word, the word ‘change’ would certainly be the one. September was the month of leaving behind the comfort of home and moving to a different city. And to a different country. In the middle of September I packed up everything I needed – or maybe a bit more than that, let’s be real – and let google maps show us the way to Calais which we reached way too early but still had to wait in line for several hours. Whoever planned to open a Starbucks in the waiting area was certainly a genius, we were amongst many others picking up a coffee and a tea for the train journey – this has to be the Starbucks making the most profits hands down. But let’s not overanalyse the concept of coffee chains and let’s talk about the train journey itself, shall we? The journey to Folkstone was short and comfortable and admittedly, it brought out my inner child – don’t tell me that you don’t find trains packed with hundreds of cars crossing through the channel somehow fascinating. Or maybe it’s just me because my granddad was a train conductor.

We were certainly entering London at the best time possible, about 6pm. As you can imagine there was no traffic at all and it only took us 15 minutes to get to my place. I wish. But after 90 minutes we finally arrived in the south of London and quickly unpacked the car before heading off to dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. I probably should have omitted that to prevent myself from craving dolmadakia. Oh well. My dad and me spent another day together in London before he headed back to Germany and that was the moment I realised I had truly moved away from home. The moment it sunk in that I had to start a new life and that I had to find new friends and new structures. I have already talked about this briefly in my last post but the prospect of meeting 150 new people is scary as hell and the first at uni was quite chaotic – people were waiting around not really knowing how to introduce ourselves to others and a lot of the conversations were awkward but oh well, if it’s not awkward then it’s not fresher’s week. Anyway, the rest of the week passed in a less awkward manner and I got a lot of (too much!) information and met some people I would confidently refer to as friends now. I also did the whole fresher’s experience and went to a fresher’s party on Friday – my first one and probably my last one, considering that I’m not much of a clubber. The party was fun though although we had to queue for 2.5 hours in order to get in. But in a way waiting in line turned out to be the more interesting experience (I’m refusing to go into detail at the point) and a 100 snaps and 10 instagram photos later we finally got in. I am the kind of a girl who would prefer a night at home filled with Netflix and pasta over clubbing at any time (can someone relate?) but I still had a really good time. And going to at least one fresher’s party is sort of obligatory, isn’t it? Just make sure you go to one that doesn’t involve queuing in the cold.

What else did I do this month? The last 30 days were filled with meeting old and new friends, taking plenty of pictures (if you’re interested, go check out my latest fashion post), living off hummus, pasta and tesco fries (they really do the best fries, don’t judge me) and countless walks along Southbank. Although I had been to London before I had never made it down there and I’m honestly wondering why, I have completely fallen in love with the place. And I even managed to go for a run along the Thames. There are so many places left to explore though and I think it will take me at least a lifetime to explore every corner of the city. If that is even possible. One thing I’m particularly looking forward to is Christmas time, I have to admit that I have already been to the Christmas world at John Lewis and Selfridges and I am seriously counting down the days. It is taking me all my strength not to buy any Christmas decoration just yet but I am planning on putting up my fairy lights this weekend – it is all about compromising, isn’t it?

Another change that happened this month is one that you have probably noticed already – I changed my blogging schedule from uploading twice a week to once a week and when I did it felt like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. I really enjoy uploading content twice a week but now that I have started university I don’t think I can keep it up. And even if I could, I don’t want to put that amount of pressure on myself and I am afraid of sacrificing my content simply for the sake of uploading twice a week. Sure, there will times when I’m not as busy and I’m not saying that I won’t go back to uploading more regularly, but right now this feels right to me. Uploading less often also gives me the chance to interact more with people reading my blog which I’m really looking forward to – blogging is a lot more than just writing posts and I really miss being active in the community. Anyway, I am happy with the change in my blogging schedule and I really hope that I’m not disappointing anyone by uploading less regularly. But you have to do what’s best for you and I have wanted to make a change for a very long time. Over the summer blogging had felt like a chore rather than a hobby and changing my blogging schedule definitely changed that – it brought back my passion for blogging and reminded me of all the reasons why I started. Sometimes less really is more.

How was your September? x