Feeling autumnal

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It is Sunday afternoon and I’m currently sitting here in my oversized jumper sipping on a cup of tea. My usual Sunday afternoon scenario and I’m quite sure that a lot of bloggers can relate to me. It is slowly getting dark outside and after finishing this post I will certainly go for a long walk outside. Or I might even go for a run, keep your fingers crossed. You know how much I love autumn and nothing makes me happier than walking along Southbank in the evening, looking at the all the pretty lights, seeing the trees lose their leaves and reflecting on everything that has happened over the week. The reflection on this week falls quite short – I have focused all my energy on uni, produced a reflective piece that took me 2 hours to write and about 7 hours to submit, me being the perfectionist that I am. Other than that I went running, visited Camden Lock Market (not the best idea on a Saturday, but I desperately wanted to try that vegan bakery!), took a long walk in Regent’s Park, went to a pub with a really good friend from uni, continued to read ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen and spent even more time with friends. Oh, I also went to a vintage fair in Camden and ended queuing for an hour without actually buying anything – but hey, it was a fun experience, I’m just disappointed that I didn’t find a cosy oversized jumper – you can never have enough of these, right? Speaking of autumn fashion, the outfit I’m wearing in this post is probably my favourite look of the season – I picked up this tartan (vintage) dress at U.O. and I’m in love with it, it looks so artsy in a way. For this outfit I combined the dress with my wellies, a Topshop clutch, my trusty Topshop hat and my fake fur H&M jacket. This outfit is very versatile and can be worn for pretty much any occasion – I sometimes wear it to uni but I have also worn it at my mother’s birthday party. Don’t ask me why but this dress is making me feel more creative than I am, I feel like I’m an arts student from a movie. 

Anyway, whilst I was walking through a Camden I was thinking about this post wondering what I should write about (as one does when stuffing her face with brownies). I have recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Augustin from The Indie Spirit – if you don’t know her blog you’re definitely missing it, especially if you’re a book junkie. Augustin has a beautiful style of writing and her posts never fail to inspire me. When I heard about the nomination I felt really honoured but unfortunately I have already written a Liebster Award post so it didn’t feel right to do another one. The last thing I wanted is to leave the questions unanswered, though and so I thought I could just mix it up a bit and include her questions in this post. So let’s just turn this fashion post into a lifestyle post, shall we?

Q: Whats’s the story behind your name?

A: 113 things to say refers to my reason behind blogging – I believe that we all got a voice that is worth listening to and we all have a story to be told. I got at least 113 things to say that will hopefully inspire others or at least put a smile on someone’s face. I chose the number 113 as I was born on March 11.

Q: How would you describe your personality?

A: That’s a tough one. I would describe myself as caring, passionate, friendly and weird. Mainly weird probably haha. I got a strange sense of humour that only my brother fully gets and when I care about someone I would do everything for that person.

Q: Who is the most influential person in your life?

A: I can’t possibly name one person as all my friends influence me in many positive ways and so do my family members. If I had to decide, I would pick my mother, she means a lot to me and she has taught me to always look at situations from different perspectives. In that way she reminds me of Atticus from How To Kill A Mockingbird – always walk around in someone’s shoes for a while before judging. 

Q: Who is the most influential person you want to meet in person and what do you want to learn from him/her?

A: I would love to meet Malala in person, she is such a strong woman and I admire her for the work she’s doing and for standing up to injustice and inequality. She is a strong advocate for education and she inspires women all over the world – including me.

Q: If you had to live your life all over again, what part of your life would you change?

A: I am tempted to say my teenage years but even though there weren’t easy, I think I needed to learn a lesson. Looking back I can see who my real friends were and that opening up to them would have helped, but I simply didn’t have enough experience and confidence to realise that. 

Q: What is your edge from other bloggers?

A: My social media game. *coughs* I find it hard to answer this question as all blogs are very unique and as it’s difficult to say if something is good or bad. What I like about my blog is that I’m being myself, even if that involves weird and sarcastic comments. 

Q: What is the most important lesson your mother has taught you?

A: I have already answered that above but another important thing she taught me was to follow my passion, even if it is scary at times. 

Q: What is your favorite body part?

A: In general? The eyes of a person (does that count?). You can learn so much about a person by just looking them into the eye, the eyes always tell their own story and hold pain, joy and memories. I also find it incredibly fascinating how people can tell each other something by just looking at each other, without using any words or any gestures. 

Q: How will you make a difference in this world?

A: Right now, I am trying to make a difference through blogging, however small that might be. I am trying to inspire others to think beyond the boundaries of society and to be themselves. I’m also trying to promote education and travelling and I really want to talk more about sustainable living on my blog. When I’m older I would like to raise awareness for mental health (problems) and to help others by either working as a psychologist or by doing research (or maybe I’ll just combine the two). 

Q: If we’re together right now, what would you tell me?

A: I would tell you that you’re a talented writer and that I think you should open a book club – I’d be the first one to join haha. 

Q: If I were in your doorstep right now, where would you take me and why?

A: I would take you on a walk along the river as Southbank is my favourite place to be. I’d then take you to Notting Hill or Shoreditch – both areas have amazing vintage book stores and a lot of little cafés. I’d invite you to have a cup of coffee/tea/hot cocoa with me and we would discuss ‘Me Before You’ and talk about books, blogging, London and life. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this Q&A! Thank you for the amazing questions, some of them were pretty challenging and I loved that. Who is the most influential person you want to meet in real life? And what do you think of this dress? xx