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I originally planned on uploading this post a week later but then I remember something, something that got me very excited: next Sunday marks the beginning of the Christmas season. And how could I possibly do anything else than a Christmas post then? If you know my Christmas obsession you know that I don’t have a choice – I am definitely jumping on the bandwagon! And although I am not doing Blogmas this year, I will upload a Christmas post every Sunday until Christmas Eve. So keep your eyes peeled for plenty of Christmas content. I am very excited to spend most of the Christmas season in London this year and I will definitely be a living cliché, going iceskating at Somerset House and shopping in Selfridges. I have to admit that the thought of doing Christmas shopping on Oxford street sends chills down my spine (imagine the crowds!) but I know all the pretty lights and the festiveness will be worth it. Speaking of Oxford Street – I actually went there to watch the lights being switched on the other day and I even though I had to wait for 50 minutes and nearly froze to death, seeing Oxford Circus turning all christmassy was worth it and the lights looked incredibly beautiful. But let me stop right there before the entire post evolves around Christmas. Right now, we still have nearly two weeks to go until December. Today’s post is actually quite autumnal and as you can probably guess, I didn’t wear this outfit yesterday but when it was still slightly warmer outside. A while ago my best friend and me went on a walk in the nature and as she has a passion for photography and I have a passion for blogging this obviously was an opportunity that neither of us wanted to miss. For this outfit I wore my sparkly blouse from Topshop and paired it with my Topshop hat and clutch (again, not sponsored!). I then combined these items with my black boots and some simple black trousers that I had bought at Zara ages ago and that are still a staple of mine. You can never have enough pairs of black trousers, am I right? I can safely say that I am obsessed with the top I am wearing in these photos – when I saw it on the hanger I could not resist trying it on and well, you know how the story ends. I just love how this top can be worn for a classy night out or for a shopping trip – it is unique and elegant and yet casual in a way. For colder days I usually combine it with my faux leather jacket to give it an edgy touch (and well, to keep myself warm.) I feel like we are now reaching the time where every single outfit shoot outside is just boots & winter coats – although I shouldn’t judge too quickly, I remember very well how I made my mother to take photos of me wearing only a short dress and a light jacket while it was snowing. I am sorry but I don’t think I’ll make this sacrifice again. Even though we all love to complain about the weather I am secretly happy about the cold – mainly because it gives me an excuse to sneak into Starbucks to get a hot cocoa a bit more often. Can we talk about how pretty the Christmas cups are? I also love putting my fairy lights up, cuddling up in bed watching movies and lightening all the Christmas candles I can find. The only thing I don’t quite enjoy is going home from a lecture in the dark but we can’t have everything, can we. Anyway, now that I have spent so much time talking about hot chocolate and watching movies, I’m actually going to follow my own advise and do so. I hope you all have a great weekend.

On a scale to 1 to 10, how excited are you for Christmas?

What I’m wearing

Top, Hat & Clutch – Topshop

Trousers – Zara