When in Shoreditch

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For me Saturdays mean exploration. So no matter how my busy my week is, I try to fill them with wandering and new discoveries. On Saturdays I turn into a tourist. And an area I had been wanting to explore for a while was Shoreditch. Despite hearing a lot about it I had never gone there myself and I decided that it was about time to change that. So one Saturday morning we took the tube and headed north. We got off at Old Street and walked the rest of the way and whilst we were getting closer to the centre I already knew that I would like this place. The buildings were gorgeous and the amount of cafés I came across was definitely noteworthy. When we arrived at Shoreditch High Street we first decided to go and visit Spitalfield Market, a very popular food market in London. And whilst I was strolling along the stalls I could completely see why – the food looked insanely delicious. I didn’t have any myself but I made a mental note to myself to come back just for the food one day. We also found a homeware/decor shop right at the market and it was probably a mistake to go in there as I could have bought everything. I am not even joking. The shop really reminded me of Typo and I could even spot some fairy lights that I’d previously bought at Typo and that are now framing my fireplace. In the end I bought a vintage world map that I’m planning to put up on my wall – I’ll use some pins to mark all the places I have already been to. Very tumblr, I know, and I love it.

We then walked towards the most famous place in Shoreditch, Brick Lane. (Or is it Boxpark that is more famous?) Anyway, we came across a vast number of vintage shops, some really cute antique book stores and some very unique cafés. I ended up buying a hot chocolate for 3.50 (oh well) and me and my friend sat in a café chatting for hours. Something else we found was a cereal café – honestly, how cool is that? I knew there was one in London but I had no idea that it would be in Shoreditch – in hindsight, I should have thought of that. Do you know these ‘more accurate tube maps’? I once heard someone suggesting that Shoreditch High Street should be renamed ‘eating cereal before cereal was cool’. What shall we name Camden Town then? Eating brownies before it was cool? I don’t know but I’m open for suggestions. Oh and can we replace Oxford Circus by ‘Don’t go there on Saturdays’ or ‘Elbow pushing’ or something?

Anyway, even though I am slightly making fun of it, Shoreditch might just be my favourite area in London – I love the gorgeous buildings, the cute little shop, the cafés and the overall atmosphere. And if you like vintage shopping, this is your place for sure. And if you liked cereal before it was cool. (Sorry not sorry.) Before we went home we came across some street art and in typical blogger manner decided to take pictures. I was just wearing my black trousers, my trusty Topshop hat, my furry H&M jacket and my Topshop jacket. And my wellies and a backpack from Miss Selfridge. You can never go wrong with black, can you? And black is the ideal for colour for taking pictures in front of street art so let’s just pretend I did that on purpose.

Have you been to Shoreditch? Do you like cereal?