Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival

How is your Sunday going? Mine has mostly been spent in bed with a good cup of tea and Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, Riverdale and Sherlock Homes are my two newest obsessions. Riverdale reminds me a lot of Pretty Little Liars and my love for this show is very much based on how much I miss seeing what’s going on in Rosewood. Can it be April already?! But let’s take a moment to talk about Sherlock Holmes – I had never watched this series before because I am usually not into the tv shows that are about solving a crime and thought I wouldn’t like it – boy was I wrong. I only started watched Sherlock Holmes a few days ago and I’m nearly done with season 2. Of course the weather is at least partly to blame, it has been really cold and rainy over the past week making the thought of leaving the house pretty unattractive. Looking at the weather forecast is giving me hope, though, apparently it will be sunny from tomorrow onwards so let’s keep our fingers crossed – I could really use some sunshine and warmth. I think I’ve said that in every blog post I’ve published in 2017. I am sorry, I promise I will stop complaining about the weather eventually. Another reason I have spent so much time watching Netflix is that I’ve been pretty sick over the last two weeks which has given me even less incentive to be productive. There is definitely something going round, I’ve never seen so few people attend lectures. Anyway, I am feeling much better now and I’m at least half ready to tackle all of the work that has been piling up. But before I’ll start working on my coursework, I really wanted to share a few photos with you – two weeks ago I went to the Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival and although it was ice cold outside, I honestly had the best time, the artwork was absolutely stunning and think I took about 100 pictures that evening. My favourite light installation was the first one I saw – different words produced on a ‘water wall’. I also loved the ‘Angels of Freedom’ and the question whether ‘vengeance has the power to heal’ and the faint ‘I have a dream’ behind it. Can vengeance heal? I personally don’t think so, I believe that vengeance feeds the flame and that forgiveness and acceptance have true healing powers as they enable us to move on. It can be hard to let it go but it feels like having a weight lifted off your shoulder. What are your toughs on this? Anyway, I hope you all had a good Sunday and I hope you’ll have a good start of the week that will hopefully be filled with sunshine!