’90s jeans & a copper heart

Long time no see. How have you all been? I’m in the middle of my exam period which means that most hours of the day are filled with revision right now. Another week of revision and I’ll officially be free – at least until the end of September. But although I am excited for the summer break, I know that I will miss uni (just definitely not the deadlines). I can’t believe that my first year of uni is almost over, it is crazy how time has flown by. I can still remember freshers’ week with all the awkward ‘icebreakers’ – why would anyone think these are a good idea?! and how I went to uni for the first time thinking about how my life would change and whether I would find friends (spoiler alert: I did). Anyway, I won’t go into too much detail at this point as I’m sure I will dedicate an entire post to this topic and maybe share my experience and tips for surviving first year – because even though starting uni is fun, it is very challenging at the same time, especially if you’re an overthinking perfectionist. But despite the challenges I know that this course is exactly the right choice for me and the same goes for my uni. And for the city, although this one isn’t a huge surprise – I have always been a city girl and I love how many opportunities London offers. They say that if you’re bored of London, you’re bored of life and honestly, they have a point. I am still discovering new places, trying new food (yes to all the vegan festivals!) and ticking off suggestions that I got on Buzzfeed (oh well) and Secret London. If you know any secret places yourself, please let me know, I love exploring. Speaking of exploring – today I went to the Ivy Café in Marylebone and it exceeded my expectations by far. If you watch any YouTubers living in London, I am sure you have seen this place – it is a stunning café (all of their cafés are) and their food is simply delicious. I went for a side of potato hash and avocado on toast – it was hands down the best avocado toast I have ever had and well, I can still start saving for a house next week, can’t I.

Apart from revision, I have been really busy with work – I recently started working in a pub and I’m really enjoying it. It is hard work but the place is great and I’m just feeling so much better actually earning money whilst studying – more avocado on toast for me, yaaas (I promise I’ll stop joking about this eventually). Between revision and work, there has been little time to blog but I promise that this will get better once exams are over – apart from work, volunteering and going two family holidays, I haven’t got any plans for this summer and I’m planning to spend more time working on my blog and taking you along to different places in and around London. Plus I really want to do more fashion posts starting from today. The pictures above were taken by my best friend & favourite photographer* in a park in my hometown – the weather was lovely so we decided to go out and do a little shooting. It is indeed a very lucky coincidence that my best friend loves taking photos as much as I love blogging. Anyway, for this outfit I combined a black velvet top with my favourite pair of jeans; I had always wanted to buy a pair of high waisted 90s jeans so when I found these jeans in Stradivarius I knew I couldn’t resist. I love the deep blue colour and they are really comfortable to wear as well – and they make the most simple look more interesting. The top I’m wearing is from Topshop and I got it in the sale for very little money (speaking of, who else is excited for summer sales?!). Since the pictures were taken a few weeks ago and not during the current heatwave, I decided to pair this outfit with my black coat from Stradivarius and my wellies which I’m sure you have seen before. I’m also wearing a copper bracelet that my friend got me for my birthday – you know you’re friendship goals when your friend is giving you such an amazing gift and is feeding into your copper addiction. I just love this outfit because it’s simple and versatile and just perfect for a nice day out, whether that’s to a park or a shopping centre. Long story short, I’m sure you’ll see me wearing this outfit a lot this year, especially whilst spring is slowly disappearing and making space for summer.

Do you know any ‘secret places’ in your city? xx

What I’m wearing

Top – Topshop; Coat & Jeans – Stradivarius; Backback – Miss Selfridge

* photos taken by Mandy L.