Last Days of Summer

Slowly but surely, summer is coming to an end. And whilst I’m enjoying the sunshine and cherishing the opportunity to eat outside in the garden, I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures. If you know anything about me, you probably know that autumn is my favourite season since I mention that in every post where I talk about the weather – so yeah, a lot. But I’m sure my opinion on the seasons will never change. Cosy nights in, hot cocoas with chocolate sprinkles, candles, layers(!) and the leaves turning a beautiful colour – what is not to love about autumn? Apart from Halloween but hey, that’s a made up event and has little to do with my version of autumn. Plus I do like carving pumpkins, even though I’ll hide inside for the rest of the night. Oh now that I’m talking about pumpkins, pumpkin bread and everything else that’s pumpkin spiced is another major benefit of the season that’s already looming behind the corner. But before I dedicate the entire post to autumn, let’s do summer some justice – I had a really good one.

After I finished my exam season I got sick for two weeks but luckily the rest of my summer was much better – I first went to Greece where I visited Athens, went on a boat trip with my extended family (including my lovely sis) and last but definitely not least, I visited Santorini which had been on my travel bucket list for absolute ages. Coming back, I continued working at the pub and a friend of mine came to visit London for a couple of days – we met two years ago when I travelled down the west coast in California (if you remember these time, you officially deserve a loyalty award). We had an amazing time together that was mostly spent eating – we went to an amazing cafĂ© in Shoreditch, had drinks at Box Park, got the best vegan lasagna and ice cream in Greenwich and had a picnic in Hyde Park. I swear, there were also a few minutes when we actually didn’t eat. Well, London just has the best food, doesn’t it. After my friend left, I did a few things here and there – I went to a free (!) party/concert near Stratford, went on a day trip to Richmond, saw a movie on a rooftop, had plenty of drinks outside and celebrated finishing first year with my uni friends.

I also went home to Germany for a couple of weeks and my family and me then went on a trip to Sardinia which was exactly what I needed to relax. More about that in a future post. 10 days and 5 books later, we flew back home and since then I’ve spent my time relaxing (mostly re-watching Sherlock, reading Nicholas Sparks & drinking an endless amount of vanilla tea), seeing my friends and actually doing a few productive things – I finally managed to sell my old cameras on eBay and whilst it was hard to say goodbye to what generated my first attempts at photography, I know they have a better home now. I also tried to sell some of my clothes and managed to get rid of 1(!) jumper, yay. I’ll try to sell them at a flea market next time I’m back. Apart from that, I read Anne Frank’s Diary which hugely impressed me, her style of writing and the way she analyses situations is fascinating, and Faust, a German classic. Plus I actually managed to be a more active blogger, something I hope to keep up, I really missed writing and being part of the community. Oh and before I forget, I also went on a road trip to Den Haag and Rotterdam so keep your eyes peeled for a travel post about the Netherlands. And being stuck in traffic.

I actually can’t believe how long my summer break is. I still got a month left until uni starts again and it’s safe to say that I’m excited to go back. I miss seeing my friends and I miss going to lectures and gaining new knowledge. I miss having something to occupy my mind with. Although uni only starts in a month, I’m going back to London in about a week and I can’t put into words how excited I am to go back. I miss the city more than anything else. Something I’m very excited for is attending the London Fashion Week Festival, seeing a proper runway show is a dream come true. Remember my very first ‘show’ that I watched in California? It was done by a local shop but it was still so fascinating. Speaking of fashion, let me talk about the outfit I’m wearing. The photos were actually taken a while ago, hence the fringe that I no longer got. For this outfit I combined my black culottes with a grey floral top and my black bomber jacket. I got this jacket at Stradivarius and it’s been one of my favourite purchases this year, I’ve been wearing it pretty much non-stop since I got it. It is comfortable and slightly warmer than a thick cardigan so it’s perfect for the transition between summer and autumn. I’m also wearing my trusty backpack, my friendship bracelet (again, massive thanks for the perfect birthday present), my sunnies and my trusty wellies that you’ve seen in about 243 outfit posts. What I love about this look is that it’s perfect for days when you look at the weather (or well, your weather app, let’s be real) and don’t know what to wear – the trousers are of very light material and if you leave out the jacket, you got a great summer look. Put it back on and you’re dressed for autumn. You can also style this look up by changing the wellies for heels – I once wore this look at a blogger event (the only one I ever went to). All in all, this look has recently become my signature look and I’m sure you’ll see me wearing it a lot in the future. Maybe even with a few more layers since autumn is approaching. (yes to the layers!) I hope you’re all enjoying the remains of summer and if you’re sad about it ending, just make some pumpkin bread, light a candle and I’m sure that feeling will change.

What did you do this summer? xx

What I’m wearing:

Top & Culottes – Topshop / Jacket – Stradivarius / Sunglasses – River Island

A massive thanks to my best friend for taking these photos, check out her Instagram here! xx