London Fashion Week Festival ’17

At the end of September, a really good friend (and even better, a fellow blogger) and me attended the London Fashion Week Festival and needless to say, we had a blast. As two bloggers who love writing about fashion, this event had been on our list for ages and this time we finally decided to treat ourselves to tickets as the event rolled around. If you’re going to the LFWF, you might as well do it properly and get the tickets including access and two catwalks, one trend and designer. At least that’s what we did. And after experiencing the event, definitely what we’d recommend doing. But let’s ignore the shows for a minute and talk about the rest of the event. After meeting up for a quick cup of chai tea, my friend and me queued to get inside the event location and we were let in after a pretty short wait. The locating itself was amazing, it is the same one used for the actual London Fashion Week, and wandering around in sea of clothes basically felt like fashion heaven – if we leave out the fact that we got lost at least 5 times because the structure of the building is pretty confusing. My favourite find was definitely a bag with flamingos on it, I didn’t buy it but looking back, I regret that decision a bit. Just like I regret not having won the lottery beforehand, everything was so tempting. One of my favourite collections was the River Island clothing line – all clothes were unisex and very unique. We entered their competition, hence the awkward boomerang I tweeted the other day (I’d do a lot for a River Island gift card!).

But let’s talk about the highlight of this event – the catwalks by Fyodor Golan. We first saw a trend catwalk that was subdivided into 3 sections – the last one was all about glamour and definitely my favourite, the dresses were stunning! In between each section, the moderator provided some explanations and asked the guests about their experience. All in all, it felt very interactive and it was fun to learn more about the different styles of fashion. Even more amazing to watch was the designer catwalk, my favourite part of the day. This one did not have any subdivisions or explanations in between which I personally preferred since that interpretation was entirely up to us and you truly got immersed into the world of fashion. The outfits in this show were stunning, my favourite one being the long white blue dress (2nd picture from the bottom). Definitely an outfit I could see myself wearing. Speaking of – for this event I chose to wear my black Copenhagen shirt and a grey tulle skirt with  (both items from Reserved). To top it off, I wore my trusty Topshop hat, my ‘furry’ H&M cardigan and a pair of black boots. A simple, yet classy combination. I just love the skirt – I saw a similar one on holiday but unfortunately the tulle was ripped so I could not get it. So when I found the grey version of it at Reserved in my hometown, I was over the moon and knew I needed to get it. I actually bought the Copenhagen shirt to go with it since it adds a more interesting touch to the outfit than just wearing a plain black shirt would. And well, the hat is probably no surprise – I don’t see myself going to any fashion events in the future without wearing it, it will forever be my favourite accessory. All in all, we had an amazing day at the LFWF and I’m already thinking about going again in winter.

Have you ever been to a fashion event? x