Christmas 2017 | Throwing kindness around like confetti

Remember me? I have to admit I’ve been a bit quiet this December. I could talk about it in detail but if you’re a student you can probably relate. And if you’ve managed to combine uni, work and blogging this December, you absolutely deserve an award! Despite being pretty busy, I decided that I couldn’t possibly let this season pass without a single blog post and therefore I sat down this morning with a cup of Christmas tea and many different ideas in my head – better late than never, am I right? With Christmas around this corner, I thought long and hard about what kind of post I wanted to write and eventually I realised that I wanted to write about what Christmas was all about – spreading love and kindness in this world. Amongst all the negative headlines, I can be easy to forget about all the good in this world and I thought we could all use a little post to remind us about the beauty of humanity and to restore our faith in this world. In this post, I’m sharing 24 moments of kindness that made me smile that December and that reminded me how much a simple gesture can mean. Spreading kindness is easy and something we can all do this Christmas to make the world a better place. Here are my 24 moments. xx

  1. When I walked towards London Bridge Station, I saw a woman handing a takeaway bag full of food to a homeless man. It breaks my heart to think about how many people don’t have a roof over their head, especially during winter. In one of her recent vlogs, Niomi Smart talked about Street Link, a website enabling the public to connect people sleeping rough with services that can support them. If you’re living in England or Wales, it’s a great idea to familiarise yourself with that site and support such an important initiative.
  2. The story about how I came into the possession of a tiny clip-on Christmas hat. The pub was jam-packed on a Thursday night and my shift was hence pretty exhausting. The next costumer in line definitely caught my attention though as he was wearing the cutest, tiniest Christmas hat I’d ever seen. Me being obsessed with all things Christmas, I asked him where he got it. Unfortunately, he’d bought in Sussex, quickly eliminating my plan of getting one for myself. However, just before he left the pub to take the train home, he came over again and GAVE ME THE HAT. In the very unlikely case you’re reading this – you made my year.
  3. A very kind soul selling mulled wine at Christmas by the River gave my friend and me a large cup of mulled wine although we had paid for a small one – it was just what I had needed after a day filled with coursework.
  4. Speaking of drinks – the guy working at the library nearby who knows my friend’s and mine tea order (we’re talking Earl Grey tea, not dinner) by heart and automatically hands me the soya milk for my tea. Another small gesture making coursework season a lot more bearable.
  5. My friend and Secret Santa being so thoughtful and getting me a This Works Sleeping Kit alongside other amazing presents. To nights of better sleep!
  6. Another friend of mine hung out at the pub whilst I worked my very last shift despite him being off for the day – although I won’t miss working night shifts, I will definitely all of my coworkers, I was lucky to work with so many amazing people. They especially made the long Christmas shifts a lot better. Plus I need to give them credit for putting up with my Christmas obsession – I’m sorry for making you open Christmas crackers and wear the crowns for the rest of your shift. (Not even that sorry).
  7. Giving my car park ticket (I’d paid until 4 and therefore for the rest of the day as parking is free after that) to another guy as I left the car park so that he could park for free – it might not have saved him a fortune, but it still put a smile on his face.
  8. My friends cooking an entirely vegan Christmas feast for me.
  9. A guy on the bus talking to his crying son – despite the boy throwing a bit of a tantrum his dad stayed completely calm trying his best to distract his kid in distress and eventually succeeding. I don’t know if I would have managed to stay this calm, this dad definitely deserved an award – parenting done right!
  10. Speaking of buses – the bus driver waiting at the bus stop as he saw a guy running towards the bus in full speed instead of just driving off. We need more of your kind.
  11. My friend helping me through what was possibly my worst mental health day of this year and being persistent when she noticed things weren’t okay. She came over with my favourite Pret meal and a brownie (!!) although she’d had other plans for the day. From the moment she got through the door things got better. Also, bless my flatmate for telling me I should wake her up if I couldn’t sleep. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by so many caring people. In fact, too many to mention, but you know who you are. If you notice someone having a hard time, don’t just watch in silence, a little gesture can make a huge difference. Go and ask your mates how they are doing and let them know you are there for them, no matter what.
  12. In line with that, shoutout to the Samaritans crisis team who have been very helpful. It is okay to ask for help when you need it – their UK number is 116123 and it is completely free to call.
  13. The stewardess on my EasyJet flight who gave a guy a free Christmas hat (bright orange of course) as he was on his way to a Christmas party but didn’t have a Santa hat.
  14. The costumer at the pub I worked at who always helped collect glasses when we were really busy. Bless your heart. Oh and also, the guy who brought over all the plates in a neat stack after he and his family had finished eating – you’re hired.
  15. My friends and me buying each other Christmas drinks when one of us is feeling down – Gingerbread Lattes make everything better.
  16. The guy at the Twinings flagship store who made sure my had a proper tea tasting.
  17. Speaking of my mum – the bus driver allowing her to take the bus for free after she only had a 50 Euros note and no change to pay for the ride home.
  18. My best friend finding the right words when I needed to hear them the most. And making voice notes the length of an entire Netflix series – although I literally have to put listening to them down into my calendar, they always cheer me up and I’m incredibly lucky to have her in my life.
  19. The lovely bar staff at the Irish pub who blasted Last Christmas at full volume after a costumer had asked for it. Christmas is only once a year isn’t it.
  20. Constantly carrying prams down the stairs at London Bridge or at various tube stations. We would all love to receive that kind of help when we got kids so help where you can!
  21. The lovely woman at Superdrug who spontaneously asked if I was interested at working at their store. Makes me think that I’m not the worst costumer. Speaking of – be kind to people working in retail over Christmas! And to all the people working over the festive season and saving lives every day.
  22. When we got free Christmas crackers for our Christmas dinner at Carluccio’s (maybe because we were dressed as reindeers?). Anyway, it made our dinner truly special and the evening one of the best ones of the year.
  23. My mother giving me an inflatable Christmas wreath for the flat (a holy emergency ring, I really shouldn’t withhold that pun!).
  24. Last but not least, one of the cutest Christmas moments this year: my mother and me were at a restaurant in town and saw an elderly man drinking coffee on his own. I decided that no one should be on their own during this time of the year and spontaneously asked him to join us which he did! We spent the rest of the evening drinking coffee (and in our case mulled wine) together and talking about whatever came to our mind, it was so lovely. It made my day and I think it might have made his as well. No one should be alone for Christmas. Reach out to the people in your life and the people who aren’t yet and throwing kindness around like confetti. And if you really want to make sure that no one has no one this Christmas, there are amazing charities you can support such as Age UK.

Tell me about your favourite moment of kindness this Christmas season! Happy holidays everyone! xx