Another January, another lights festival post. This time not about the Canary Wharf one but about the Lumiere festival that takes place in Central London every beginning of the year. Last year I missed it so this year I made up for that but not just going once, but twice. My friends and me explored the light installations around Southbank, Soho and last but not least, King’s Cross. One of my favourite installations were the colourful triangles at Southbank which apparently made up a an artwork called ‘The Wave’ – it was meant to act as a beacon of light in the cold and dark winter months and it definitely fulfilled this purpose. Walking through it was fascinating, in fact so fascinating that people would queue to go through. I also loved the moving blue lights near King’s Cross – they created a truly mystic atmosphere and made you feel immersed in a different world. I read up on this installation and turns out it was inspired by global warming and how our relationship to water keeps changing. It aims to remind us of the power of water and what could happen if sea levels keep rising. It encourages us to think about climate change and how water is a wonderful resource and yet so powerful that it could pose a threat if humans keep treating mother nature they way they do now. The watering cans installations ‘Guardian Angels’ was one of my absolute favourites – similar to ‘Waterlicht’ it was meant to highlight the importance of nature preservation. I loved how colourful it was – I felt like it was showing us that nature can only maintain its true beauty and colours if we treat it carefully and with respect. A truly brilliant piece of art!

I also loved wandering around Soho and Oxford Circus – we came across a beautiful installation at Piccadilly Circus (‘Voyage’) and some crazy colours at Oxford Circus. But my highlight in this area were undoubtedly the installation ‘Impulse’ – and I don’t think I was the only one fascinated by the seesaws. Upon the sight of this installation we all turned into children again. And that is probably why I loved it so much – as adults we often get caught up thinking about the past or worrying about the future. A little reminder to live in the present and take each moment as it comes is always more than welcome.

Did you visit Lumière?