A grey dress, sunshine & TIBITS

Last weekend, my family came to visit and we spent a weekend eating, drinking, watching TV in the hotel room and doing a bit of shopping. After some very busy weeks at uni, this was exactly what I needed. Work may be important but it’s just as important to take breaks and take care of yourself. Anyway, after we spent Saturday battling the masses on Oxford Street, I finally had some new clothes to show for – although we were exhausted (I swear shopping should be classed as a sport) we had a really good day and were very successful. Even my brother ended up doing his yearly shop. After a full day of wandering around Central London, we decided to have a relaxed Sunday morning before my family was off home again. As the weather was lovely, we went for a walk along the river and made it all the way to Tower Bridge. I could already see them setting up the Christmas market which made me so excited – Christmas by the River tops Winter Wonderland in my opinion (although it is 10 times smaller).

Anyway, wearing a new outfit I could not resist taking some photos for my blog. Don’t let the lack of a coat fool you – it was freezing, I took it off for the photos. The dress I am wearing might be my new favourite thing. I got it from Topshop and not only is it nice and thick and therefore perfect for the cold season, it also is really comfy. One of these things you wouldn’t take off after coming home, if you know what I mean. The jacket I’m wearing is from Stradivarius – it’s very versatile and can easily be dressed up and down. Onto my shoes – I picked up these fake leather boots from River Island (that vegan moment of joy when you inspect the shoes for leather materials and can’t find any, yay) and I have worn them every day since. I was actually very surprised to find shoes at all – shoes hardly ever fit me and I am that person who owns less than 10 pairs including heels (and wears about two on a regular basis). Anyway, fun fact aside, I decided to pair these boots with some socks I got from River Island – yes, they are saying ‘I came to sleigh’ and I’m very much obsessed with them. Last but not least, I’m wearing my everyday rucksack from Accessorize and earrings I got at a night market in Thailand. The outfit I’m wearing might be my new favourite one – all the clothes are very comfy and perfect for going for Sunday lunch on a cold (but not ‘I need a ski suit’-freezing) kind of day.

Speaking of Sunday lunch – my family and me decided to try out Tibits. After hearing a fellow blogger talk about this place I knew I had to try it, especially as it recently opened on Southwark Street. If you don’t know the concept of Tibits, they are a vegetarian and vegan restaurant chain and offer a great selection of healthy foods in the form of a buffet. And they also sell cake (in case the buffet hasn’t sold you already). My issues when choosing from a buffet is the following: I am not good at making decisions. That very much explains the random selection of food on my plate. Well, that and the fact that I was really curious and wanted to try as much as possible. My absolute favourites were the tofu stew, the spring rolls, the Brussels sprouts and the lentil salad. And that is a huge compliment coming from a person who usually isn’t keen on salad (yes, there are vegans who don’t get salads at restaurants). I also had a large cup of green tea and me and my mum shared cake for dessert. She went for apple pastry and I went for a ginger and spice cake. Especially the latter was absolutely delicious and I would surely just return for dessert even if the buffet had been tasteless (which certainly did not apply). Whilst my family and I were enjoying lunch, a wedding celebration was taking part in the winter garden. Vegan wedding goals right there.

Overall I had a great weekend with my family and I don’t think I’ll forget about Tibits and their cake anytime soon. 10/10 would recommend. Have you been to Tibits? What is your favourite piece of clothing this autumn and winter? xx

What I’m wearing:

Dress – Topshop

Jacket – Stradivarius

Boots & Socks – River Island