Travelling by plane can be stressful, especially if you got long flights and connecting flights ahead. But there are things you can do to make your journey a better experience. I’ve written down my tipps and experiences, enjoy reading. x   1. Wear comfy clothes and remove all your makeup. Travelling itself can be quite uncomfortable (especially on long flights) so you want to make sure you’re making up for that by wearing really comfy clothes. I usually wear leggings and a thick hoodie as I’m always feeling really cold on planes (maybe I’m the only one but I always… View Post

I’ve recently tested the Smashbox Step- By-Step Contour Kit and I thought I might write a review about it as you have probably heard about this product but you might not be quite sure whether it’s worth the money or not. I personally think contouring is very important and having good contouring products is the key to a beautiful makeup look.  First of all I really liked the packaging and the look of the contour kit – it comes in a tiny little box with a tiny contouring brush. The kit weighs very little and would therefore be perfect for… View Post

As some of you might know I spent the last six months in Cape Town and enjoyed it a lot. Writing this post actually makes me miss it even more. I decided to do a post about my favourite things to do in and around Cape Town – I’m in no way an expert when it comes to Cape Town but I’ve had half a year to explore the city and the surroundings so you might find this post helpful if you’re thinking about visiting Cape Town. In my post I’ll try to focus on less popular things – Table… View Post

Spring is one of the seasons I like most. In fact it’s my second favourite season just behind autumn and one of the reasons why I love spring so much is spring fashion. Moreover I just love to see how everything around you comes back to life. Who doesn’t like to see the flowers blossom and the trees finally turning green again? Anyway, as you all know I spent the last six months in Cape Town and when a city has a mall at literally every corner you just can’t resist to do a bit of shopping. Apart from picking… View Post

  I can’t believe I’m back in Germany. The last six months have literally flown by. I can still remember the day I arrived in Cape Town and my first impressions (I’ve also written a blogpost about that). After having spent six months in Cape Town I still love the city as much as I did when I arrived – only that it feels different to me, less than a new place I wanted to discover but more like a home. The last six months were probably one of the best of my life and I already know that I’m… View Post

I can’t believe that April has already begun! Wasn’t it only February yesterday? It certainly feels like it. I hope you had a great 1st of April and didn’t get pranked too much. 😉 Here are the things I’ve been loving recently, enjoy. x 1. The Sheer Powder Brush by Bobbi Brown The first thing I’ve been loving is the Sheer Powder Brush by Bobbi Brown. After seeing many YouTubers talk about how amazing this brush was I thought I had to try it myself. I personally use it for applying bronzer and I feel like this brush really helps… View Post

I recently had the opportunity to visit Kruger National Park for two days and I feel like this wasn’t only the highlight of my stay in South Africa but also one of the best days of my entire life. If you ever get the chance to go on a safari, do it! I decided to book my tour via Africa Spear which turned out to be a great decision. On my first day I got picked up in Pretoria from where we went directly to the national park. There I met two lovely people who joined me for my safari… View Post

  Happiness. A simple word yet so hard to achieve. We face a lot of struggles in life and I’m sure that everybody goes through a time of unhappiness in his or her life. Nobody is perfect and so isn’t anybody’s life. We tend to let others get us down, compare ourselves to other people, often oblivious that their life has imperfections as well. And in the end it is important to be challenged in life, to fail and to learn from mistakes and from situations in which you struggled. But still, we can try to make the best of… View Post

      What I’m wearing: Dress & Bracelet – Topshop, Cardigan – River Island, Shoes – Mango  

I think it is really important to have a good foundation as it is the basis of every makeup look. I had problems finding one I really liked and I’ve tried out a lot of different products, mainly drugstore products but some high-end foundations as well. Here are 3 high-end foundations I’ve tested, enjoy reading. x 1. The Vitalumière Aqua Foundation by Chanel First of all I have to say that I really like the packaging as it’s very light and thus perfect for travelling or for putting it into your bag. This foundation will give a very natural long-lasting… View Post