I recently had the opportunity to visit Kruger National Park for two days and I feel like this wasn’t only the highlight of my stay in South Africa but also one of the best days of my entire life. If you ever get the chance to go on a safari, do it! I decided to book my tour via Africa Spear which turned out to be a great decision. On my first day I got picked up in Pretoria from where we went directly to the national park. There I met two lovely people who joined me for my safari… View Post

  Happiness. A simple word yet so hard to achieve. We face a lot of struggles in life and I’m sure that everybody goes through a time of unhappiness in his or her life. Nobody is perfect and so isn’t anybody’s life. We tend to let others get us down, compare ourselves to other people, often oblivious that their life has imperfections as well. And in the end it is important to be challenged in life, to fail and to learn from mistakes and from situations in which you struggled. But still, we can try to make the best of… View Post

      What I’m wearing: Dress & Bracelet – Topshop, Cardigan – River Island, Shoes – Mango  

I think it is really important to have a good foundation as it is the basis of every makeup look. I had problems finding one I really liked and I’ve tried out a lot of different products, mainly drugstore products but some high-end foundations as well. Here are 3 high-end foundations I’ve tested, enjoy reading. x 1. The Vitalumière Aqua Foundation by Chanel First of all I have to say that I really like the packaging as it’s very light and thus perfect for travelling or for putting it into your bag. This foundation will give a very natural long-lasting… View Post

It’s this time of the year. The time when it’s so cold outside that all you want to do is to cuddle up in bed and stay there at least until March. One of my favourite things to do in winter is to make myself a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate and read a book in bed, especially on lazy Sundays. So here are five books I’ve really enjoyed reading, hope that might give you some inspiration. 1. The Honey Queen by Cathy Kelly A book about fate and learning to live and love again. Frankie’s marriage is… View Post

  – picture taken from Flickr Profile *Sally M* I can’t believe 2014 is almost over! So much has happened and to me it honestly feels like that year had more than just 12 months. I can’t quite believe all that has recently changed in my life and even though 2014 has been one of the most stressful years of my life, the opportunities I got really made up for that. I don’t even know where to begin when talking about 2014 – I finally passed my driver’s license (which had been quite a struggle), I spent a lot of… View Post

I’ve been to plenty of different Christmas markets but this one is definitely standing out – unlike most of the other Christmas markets it is not located in town but in the woods. Furthermore a lot of visitors seem to come every year which almost makes you feel like a part of a big Christmas community haha. I personally fell in love with the location and all the little stands – you could literally buy everything there – from mulled wine & pretzels to clothes, stationary, home ware and plenty of Christmas decoration. They even had a little Christmas carousel… View Post

I can’t believe that it’s only a few days until Christmas! I thought that I’d have plenty of time to get all my Christmas presents and get on top of my Christmas preparations but it turns out that December has passed by way too fast. And if you’re like me you’ll still be searching for the perfect present or the perfect outfit for Christmas on the 23rd of December. And you’ll run through the malls, desperate to find something your parents might like (which isn’t the same present as you gave them last year) and you’ll end up wishing that… View Post

Hello everyone, are you all excited for Christmas? I personally can’t wait for the 24th to roll around, it’s one of my favourite days of the entire year. I actually planned on doing a November Favourites but I got really busy preparing for my flight back to Germany and kinda postponed that blogpost until it’s now a bit too late to talk about the things I was loving in November. Therefore let’s just talk about my favourite things this winter ( I know it’s not officially winter but it definitely feels like it in Germany!). So here are the things… View Post

I recently spent an afternoon at one of the most beautiful places in Cape Town, the Waterfront. My friend and me went for a short walk along the water, did a bit of shopping at Victoria Wharf (luckily there was a sale at Topshop haha) and had dinner at Vovo Telo – I got myself some really good pasta with feta, olives, roasted tomatoes and basil, it tasted  absolutely amazing. I  love tea and decided to try something new that evening – it took me a long time to pick from their huge tea collection but in the end I… View Post