Sometimes a song can be so beautifully written that it makes you cry. The song “Superheroes” by The Script has that effect on me. I’ve been listening to it for a long time and I could still put it on repeat and listen to it for hours. The musical realisation is amazing and so is the lyrics. It just holds so much truth and is uplifting and inspiring at the same time. The song tells us that it’s possible to learn from bad experiences, to gain strength from mistreatment and abuse, to become a strong and good person no matter… View Post

Who says that you can only achieve a flawless makeup look with high end products? Sometimes drugstore products can be equally as good. Sometimes they can be even better. This is my drugstore top 5, some makeup items that are very affordable and have been in my makeup bag for a long time. Hope you find this helpful. x 1. The 010 Don’t leave me Liquid Eyeliner by Catrice The best eyeliner I’ve found so far. It is very easy to apply and lasts for the entire evening. It helps you create a dramatic and deep black eye makeup look… View Post

I recently discovered a South African restaurant chain and loved it so much that I decided to dedicate a whole blogpost to it – Vovo Telo. You can find these restaurants in the bigger cities of South Africa, some of them are located in Cape Town. I discovered Vovo Telo when  went to the Waterfront for the first time and I’ve gone there plenty of times since. If you ever visit South Africa, then please stop by, their food as well as their ambiance is amazing. Here is a quick review for you.   Ambiance Vovo Telo is kept in… View Post

          What I’m wearing: Top – H&M, Blazer – River Island, Skirt& Accessories – Topshop, Sunglasses – Forever 21 Love, Mira x

After spending a few weeks in Cape Town I definitely have to say that I’ve fallen in love with this city that offers so many different opportunities and contains such diversity. That’s what’s struck me most after arriving – I’ve never seen a place that is so mixed up. On our first day in Cape Town we went on a very touristic hop on hop off tour covering the major sights – we went to Hout Bay, to a wine tasting where we found some Chinese friends and to some other interesting places. We saw where the super riches are… View Post

In the middle of September the new mall in my town finally opened. It’s a really cute one, kept in a modern and posh style with loads of good shops and restaurants. I knew I was going to leave my hometown soon anyway, so why not doing a bit of shopping just to test out the new mall? Well, the whole thing actually turned into a huge fashion haul – the collections for autumn were amazing, it was just impossible to resist the temptation haha (you all know how it is …). So these are the things I got: First… View Post

Here I am writing a blog post after almost 18 hours of travelling and almost zero minutes of sleep. Seriously, I’m jealous of these people who can just fall asleep in an instant haha. I always bring a really comfy cushion with me and wear my comfy clothes hoping that I will fall asleep at the beginning of the flight and wake up after 10 hours feeling fresh and wide wake. Yep, that’s never really happened and probably never will. But anyway, the range of movies you can watch on long flights kind of makes up for the lack of… View Post

I’ve tested various different face primers and these are the two I liked most. I know that some people don’t use primers at all but I personally see them as quite important because they minimize pores and create a great base for applying foundation. So these are the primers I enjoyed most: 1. The Porefessional Primer by Benefit This primer really keeps what it promises. It minimizes pores and helps you achieve a flawless makeup look. The Porefessional Primer is an oil-free product and contains a light brown texture that adapts well to your skin. I really like to use… View Post

I thought I might share one of my grandma’s recipes with you. She makes the best cake in the world and this is the one I used to have for my birthday when I was a kid. I still love it a lot – it’s a very fluffy cake with tiny bits of chocolate in it. It’s also extremely easy to make and you don’t need many ingredients. I definitely recommend trying it out, it tastes amazing. Have fun baking! x List of ingredients: 200g butter 100g sugar 100g powder sugar 1 package of vanilla sugar 4 eggs a pinch… View Post

As I’ve already mentioned, autumn is my favourite season of the year. One thing I particularly like about it is that you can experiment a lot when it comes to fashion. Plus I’m a person that loves cardigans and jackets so I clearly prefer autumn fashion to summer fashion. Below you can see my favourite looks for this season. The first look is quite classy and can be worn for any occasion. I really love dressing in black and grey but I usually like to add at least a tiny bit of colour to it- that’s why I went for… View Post