I hope June has been treating you well so far. My June has been pretty busy – I started an internship in London whilst trying to sort out my travel plans for this summer. Apart from that my days have been filled with thinking about possible dissertation topics, taking photos to sell clothes on Depop, celebrating the return of Love Island and finally, I’m also back to blogging. After the exam period it feels great to finally have some time to write and share what has been going on recently. And what better way to get back into blogging then… View Post

Earlier this year, I got out my travel bucket list and finally ticked off a place I had wanted to see for ages, Stockholm. The idea to travel to Sweden came to rather spontaneously, when I was sitting in a group room at uni and realised two things: 1. I didn’t have any plans for reading week and 2. I was suffering with severe wanderlust. Sweden had always been a country I really wanted to visit and when I found out that neither flights nor rooms were expensive during my week off, it was a done deal. So fast forward… View Post

For my birthday, my best friend wrote me a beautiful card, listing 11 things she wanted to thank me for. I won’t list them all, but she had thanked me for my loyalty, for always being there and for being unique, just to name a few. Her card made me tear up and it led me to a realisation – she was seeing a different person than I was. Having struggled with mental illness and a rather fleeting feeling of self-identity for years, high self-esteem doesn’t come to me easily. On a bad day, I would struggle to come up… View Post

At the beginning of the year, I set myself a challenge. It’s always been a goal of mine to lead a more sustainable and environmentally conscious life and as great as that sounds, I never quite knew where to start. Going vegan about two years ago definitely changed my outlook on the importance of protecting our planet and it has led me towards a more minimalistic life and made me put more thought into my lifestyle choices. But even though it laid the basis for a more environmentally conscious life, I didn’t know where to go from there. Climate change… View Post

I am not ashamed to admit that one of my favourite things to do is making lists. I love planning and setting goals and ticking things off just feels so satisfying. Recently, I have seen a few 30 before 30 videos floating around YouTube and I just loved the concept – it feels more achievable and a little bit less daunting than the typical bucket list and it also gives you a purpose and things to look forward to until the end of your twenties. Anyway, me being a list-enthusiast, I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon but… View Post

Another January, another lights festival post. This time not about the Canary Wharf one but about the Lumiere festival that takes place in Central London every beginning of the year. Last year I missed it so this year I made up for that but not just going once, but twice. My friends and me explored the light installations around Southbank, Soho and last but not least, King’s Cross. One of my favourite installations were the colourful triangles at Southbank which apparently made up a an artwork called ‘The Wave’ – it was meant to act as a beacon of light… View Post

When I said I wanted to be more vocal and open about matters close to my heart, I meant it. Speaking up is never easy but nevertheless so important – by openly talking about mental health, we can raise awareness and reduce the stigma. Step by step, day by day. As a person with lived experience, mental health is a matter very close to my heart. In fact so close that I originally started this blog so that I could one day share my experiences and hopefully make others feel less alone. 3 years down the line and I have… View Post

Remember when I told you to keep your eyes open for another travel post? I’ve finally gotten round to writing it (better late than never, am I right?). At the end of last summer (yeah, I know, don’t judge) a friend and me decided to go on a little road trip. We both hadn’t been to the Netherlands in a while and since my hometown is conveniently close to the Dutch border, picking our destination didn’t require much thinking – despite living so ‘close by’, neither of us had been to Den Haag or Rotterdam so we decided that had… View Post

It feels like yesterday that I sat down to reflect on 2016. I know I’m saying this every year but time has flown by. Although at the same time, last new year’s eve feels like a lifetime ago since 2017 was full of changes and new experiences. I previously said that 2015 was the year of joy and 2016 the year of important life lessons. I’m trying to come up with a term for this year but honestly, I’m struggling. 2017 has been a weird one – not necessarily in a bad way, but it’s certainly had its up and… View Post

Remember me? I have to admit I’ve been a bit quiet this December. I could talk about it in detail but if you’re a student you can probably relate. And if you’ve managed to combine uni, work and blogging this December, you absolutely deserve an award! Despite being pretty busy, I decided that I couldn’t possibly let this season pass without a single blog post and therefore I sat down this morning with a cup of Christmas tea and many different ideas in my head – better late than never, am I right? With Christmas around this corner, I thought… View Post