I hope you’re all having a great November despite the gloomy weather outside. For me, the fact that Christmas is around the corner and that the pubs have officially started selling mulled wine is definitely making up for the lack of daylight and the never-ending rain. Apart from drinking mulled wine, my November has mostly consisted of coursework and uni deadlines. Hence the silence on my blog. But now that I’ve submitted my coursework, I finally got time to sit down and write about an event I recently got to invited to and that just turned turned out to be… View Post

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I like to fill my time with reading. To me, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a café, drinking a cup of chai tea and reading a book. Or if I’m not at a café, my bed and a cup of Tesco’s Apple Cinnamon Tea (if you haven’t tried it you’re missing out!) will do. Recently, I was contacted by David Meredith asking me if I was interested in reviewing his latest novel ‘Aaru’, a dystopian/utopian Young Adult fiction*. And of course I jumped at the opportunity, not only… View Post

At the end of September, a really good friend (and even better, a fellow blogger) and me attended the London Fashion Week Festival and needless to say, we had a blast. As two bloggers who love writing about fashion, this event had been on our list for ages and this time we finally decided to treat ourselves to tickets as the event rolled around. If you’re going to the LFWF, you might as well do it properly and get the tickets including access and two catwalks, one trend and designer. At least that’s what we did. And after experiencing the… View Post

Exactly this time last year a new chapter of my life began. I can still remember Welcome Week like it happened yesterday and it was such a roller-coaster of emotions that I doubt I’ll ever forget any minute of it. The prevailing emotion was nervousness for sure – nervousness about finding the right room at the right time, nervousness about finding new friends. Nervousness that was unnecessary if I’m looking back now, but nervousness that I’m sure everybody else felt to some extent. It wasn’t plain nervousness though, it was nervousness mixed with excitement about getting a fresh start, working… View Post

Even though I’m in the process of typing up a post about my summer holidays, I’m currently in the most autumnal setting – I’m sitting in what has to be one of the most ‘blogger’ places of the city, the London Grind at London Bridge sipping at a hot chocolate and eating cake. An energy ball, to be specific. Because whilst the days are getting shorter and the second year of uni is looming around the corner, we can all use that bit of extra energy. But before I’m fully ready to let go of summer – a season that… View Post

Slowly but surely, summer is coming to an end. And whilst I’m enjoying the sunshine and cherishing the opportunity to eat outside in the garden, I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures. If you know anything about me, you probably know that autumn is my favourite season since I mention that in every post where I talk about the weather – so yeah, a lot. But I’m sure my opinion on the seasons will never change. Cosy nights in, hot cocoas with chocolate sprinkles, candles, layers(!) and the leaves turning a beautiful colour – what is not to love about autumn?… View Post

  This summer I finally visited a place that had been very high up on my travel bucket list – Santorini. I don’t think I need to tell you why I wanted to visit, the question rather is, why wouldn’t you – it is absolutely gorgeous. So after sailing in Greece for a week and visiting many small islands, my dad and me took the ferry from Athens to Thira. My first thought upon arrival was about the weather (I guess living in the UK is rubbing off on me) but the heat literally hit me in the face and… View Post

Is there anything better than reading a book whilst watching the waves come and go? I don’t think so. My favourite thing about going on summer holidays is undoubtedly the freedom to do nothing but read all day. Stepping into a new world every few days and seeing life through so many different eyes. This year we went to Sardinia for our summer holiday and I decided to buy four books that were supposed to last me 10 days. Of course they didn’t but luckily there was an array of books by the reception and I got to borrow a… View Post

Oh Greece, I certainly miss you. After two days in Athens, my dad and me took the tram to the harbour to begin the second part of our trip, a week of sailing. We actually ran into my uncle on the way because he happened to take the same tram (what a coincidence?!) and we were very glad that we did because I don’t think we would have found the boat otherwise, the harbour was quite big. Arriving at the boat, we met my auntie and finally my American family. It was amazing seeing my ‘sister’ again, we hadn’t seen… View Post

About three weeks ago, I packed my suitcase and headed off to LHR. Taking the tube with a massive suitcase (okay, that one was my fault) whilst it was 28 degrees outside was definitely a delightful start to this journey but I didn’t mind that much, the excitement of the upcoming holiday quickly made me forget about the sauna experience on the tube. At LHR I popped into Eat to get a sandwich and off I was. The stewardesses on the plane were really lovely and even got me a vegan meal although I’d completely forgotten to pre-order it (sorry… View Post