Long time no see. How have you all been? I’m in the middle of my exam period which means that most hours of the day are filled with revision right now. Another week of revision and I’ll officially be free – at least until the end of September. But although I am excited for the summer break, I know that I will miss uni (just definitely not the deadlines). I can’t believe that my first year of uni is almost over, it is crazy how time has flown by. I can still remember freshers’ week with all the awkward ‘icebreakers’… View Post

Once you catch the travel bug, there is no going back. There is just something incredibly special about packing your suitcase and escaping the world as you know it for a couple of days. It feels so refreshing to dive into a different culture, to gain a new perspective on things and to just wander around exploring streets you have never walked before. And since I love travelling I have had a travel bucket list for ages, one that keeps changing as I cross of places and hear about new ones. Today I thought I would share this bucket list… View Post

As you might know I recently turned 21. Although I am using the term ‘recently’ quite loosely in that context. The last weeks were filled with a crazy amount of work and deadlines but now that my semester has well, unofficially finished, I finally have time to blog. And since I turned 21, I wanted to do a post in typical blogger fashion. But instead of listing 21 things I have learned in 21 years, I thought I would twist the numbers and write about 21 things I would tell my 12-year-old self. So if you’re 12, you might actually… View Post

Whoever invented reading week must have been a student with a serious case of wanderlust. Or a student with a serious passion for sleeping which let’s be honest, is a bit more likely. I didn’t spend much time sleeping during reading week. Instead I worked on an assignment (statistics, yay!) and flew off to Dublin on Friday which was slightly more fun than reporting t-tests. I met my mother at the airport and our first stop was the b&b we were staying at for two nights. Instead of staying in the city centre we decided to stay in the south… View Post

How is your Sunday going? Mine has mostly been spent in bed with a good cup of tea and Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, Riverdale and Sherlock Homes are my two newest obsessions. Riverdale reminds me a lot of Pretty Little Liars and my love for this show is very much based on how much I miss seeing what’s going on in Rosewood. Can it be April already?! But let’s take a moment to talk about Sherlock Holmes – I had never watched this series before because I am usually not into the tv shows that are about solving a crime… View Post

When you heard the words ‘gap year’, what comes to your mind? Backpacking in Asia? Surfing in Australia? To me it certainly felt like my entire grade had gone off to Australia – I realised that when Facebook started suggesting events in Melbourne. But there are so many opportunities out there and not all of them include a 24-hours flight. In fact, you can have an amazing gap year at home. If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I took two years off after school and I’m having zero regrets about it since these… View Post

Now that December is over I am counting down the days until the beginning of spring. The past few days have been filled with sunshine but it is still ice cold outside – don’t let the lack of winter coat fool you, I nearly turned into an iceberg when taking these pictures. The only body part that stayed warm were my ears, I know why I’m a hat lady. Now that my exams are over I have more time for blogging, seeing friends and enjoying life in the city. All of these things are long overdue, I’ve wanted to go… View Post

If January and February are your favourite months of the year, you won’t need this post. But I’m sure isn’t just me who always hopes for March to roll around as quickly as possible. As much as I love December, January and February always feel a bit empty to me and the weather is definitely a contributing factor. This year January was filled with exams and I cannot tell you how happy I am that they are finally over. Now it’s time to go back to blogging and to all the other things that have come to a halt over… View Post

The thought of being a vegan student can seem daunting at first. How will I afford it? What will I do at social gatherings? Will I manage to maintain a balanced diet? These are thoughts that many students might have and let me tell you one thing directly – being a vegan student is actually pretty easy, especially if you follow certain tips. In honour of veganuary I am going to address some issues and share my tips for being a vegan student. Most of my tips are very simple, in fact so simple that it feels strange to list… View Post

Oh 2016, I have ambiguous feelings towards you. You dragged on for what felt like forever and then you suddenly sped up and passed by faster than I could blink. Or say 2017. You brought me joy, you brought me sadness and you certainly gave me some valuable lessons. Whilst 2015 was the year of amazing experiences, 2016 was the year of important life lessons. I learned that starting uni can be difficult, that balancing blogging and uni is a huge challenge and that travelling does not automatically bring happiness. But there were many amazing moments as well, let’s not… View Post