I’m not sure how to begin this post and frankly, this is my fourth attempt at writing it. I originally wanted to bring my thoughts to ‘paper’ on Wednesday, I even went to Starbucks to motivate myself with a cup of chai tea (and to use their wifi which ironically did not even work that day) and ended up staring at my blank computer screen for 3 hours. So four days forward, I am giving it another try. The reason why this post is hard to write is that it evolves around a sensitive topic – but mostly because it… View Post

For me Saturdays mean exploration. So no matter how my busy my week is, I try to fill them with wandering and new discoveries. On Saturdays I turn into a tourist. And an area I had been wanting to explore for a while was Shoreditch. Despite hearing a lot about it I had never gone there myself and I decided that it was about time to change that. So one Saturday morning we took the tube and headed north. We got off at Old Street and walked the rest of the way and whilst we were getting closer to the… View Post

  It is Sunday afternoon and I’m currently sitting here in my oversized jumper sipping on a cup of tea. My usual Sunday afternoon scenario and I’m quite sure that a lot of bloggers can relate to me. It is slowly getting dark outside and after finishing this post I will certainly go for a long walk outside. Or I might even go for a run, keep your fingers crossed. You know how much I love autumn and nothing makes me happier than walking along Southbank in the evening, looking at the all the pretty lights, seeing the trees lose… View Post

If you have been following my blog for a while (more specific, a year and a half) you are probably aware of two things being a) that Cape Town is one of my favourite cities and b) that I was living down there for a while. If I had to continue this list c) would definitely be the fact that I am missing this sunny place like no other and that I constantly think of going back. Cape Town has a very special place in my heart but the fact that I once called it home appears increasingly surreal. So… View Post

Unless you have avoided the internet and every single bookstore for the past few months you probably know that Niomi Smart has brought out her own cookbook. I have always been a fan of Niomi and her blog about lifestyle and fashion and I have followed her YouTube journey since her very first video. My favourite videos of hers are undoubtedly the videos involving cookery and fitness so when she announced the release of her cookbook on YouTube I was literally jumping with joy. I have read more than one book written by a YouTuber but Niomi’s cookbook was the… View Post

If I had to sum up this month in one word, the word ‘change’ would certainly be the one. September was the month of leaving behind the comfort of home and moving to a different city. And to a different country. In the middle of September I packed up everything I needed – or maybe a bit more than that, let’s be real – and let google maps show us the way to Calais which we reached way too early but still had to wait in line for several hours. Whoever planned to open a Starbucks in the waiting area… View Post

Guess who’s starting university this week. And guess who’s already posting her second fashion post within a month. I’m proud to say that there will be more fashion posts coming your way, it looks like I might be becoming a real fashion blogger after all. Well, all jokes aside I’m really excited to start university although my excitement is mixed with a great deal of nervousness. It feels a bit like being a first-grader all over again and even though I’m now 14 years older the questions in my head are nearly the same – what will it be like?… View Post

I recently stumbled across a question that every blogger gets asked at least 2543 times in his or her life: “What is your blog about?” Back then the answer would have been very easy and by replying with ‘beauty & fashion’ the person asking would have been content. Now that I’ve changed my content the answer has become a bit more tricky. Whenever I tell someone that my blog fits into the lifestyle category, a follow-up question is inevitable because lifestyle isn’t as defined as beauty and fashion. In the end, all blogs are life-style blogs, I guess. A lot… View Post

  Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end. And even though I really enjoyed this summer season I am welcoming autumn with open arms. Of all the season this one is my favourite and I could probably list you 100 reasons why. Let’s stick to the most obvious ones, though. First of all, autumn fashion – I love layering, I love the colours and I love wearing thick jumpers and scarves. Summer fashion might be cute but autumn fashion requires more combining, more creativity and every single year I feel like I am reinventing myself in the cold… View Post

Is there even such thing as the typical traveller? There certainly are stereotypes connected to travelling and I’m sure we have all heard them before. The typical traveller has a massive backpack, dreadlocks, doesn’t wear makeup and is generally a fearless person who would spend the rest of his or her life travelling if possible. Sounds familiar? As you might or might not know I took a break after finishing High School and went off to explore the world. And the more I travelled the more I realised that I didn’t match the profile of the ‘typical’ traveller. In South… View Post