Guess who’s starting university this week. And guess who’s already posting her second fashion post within a month. I’m proud to say that there will be more fashion posts coming your way, it looks like I might be becoming a real fashion blogger after all. Well, all jokes aside I’m really excited to start university although my excitement is mixed with a great deal of nervousness. It feels a bit like being a first-grader all over again and even though I’m now 14 years older the questions in my head are nearly the same – what will it be like?… View Post

I recently stumbled across a question that every blogger gets asked at least 2543 times in his or her life: “What is your blog about?” Back then the answer would have been very easy and by replying with ‘beauty & fashion’ the person asking would have been content. Now that I’ve changed my content the answer has become a bit more tricky. Whenever I tell someone that my blog fits into the lifestyle category, a follow-up question is inevitable because lifestyle isn’t as defined as beauty and fashion. In the end, all blogs are life-style blogs, I guess. A lot… View Post

  Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end. And even though I really enjoyed this summer season I am welcoming autumn with open arms. Of all the season this one is my favourite and I could probably list you 100 reasons why. Let’s stick to the most obvious ones, though. First of all, autumn fashion – I love layering, I love the colours and I love wearing thick jumpers and scarves. Summer fashion might be cute but autumn fashion requires more combining, more creativity and every single year I feel like I am reinventing myself in the cold… View Post

Is there even such thing as the typical traveller? There certainly are stereotypes connected to travelling and I’m sure we have all heard them before. The typical traveller has a massive backpack, dreadlocks, doesn’t wear makeup and is generally a fearless person who would spend the rest of his or her life travelling if possible. Sounds familiar? As you might or might not know I took a break after finishing High School and went off to explore the world. And the more I travelled the more I realised that I didn’t match the profile of the ‘typical’ traveller. In South… View Post

Aren’t little brothers amazing? Mine is actually not so little anymore and I got very mixed feelings about that – on the one hand it’s great to have ‘a partner in crime’ and someone I can really talk to – on the other hand I miss my baby brother and the times when we played weird computer games or Make Believe in the garden. How did we grow up so fast? I really want these times back! Anyway, having a little brother is pretty amazing and I don’t really know what I would have done without him. But little brothers… View Post

The funny thing is that we never planned to go to Copenhagen. The thought of visiting Denmark’s capital had certainly crossed our minds but we decided that it was too far to reach (by boat) in only a few days and therefore planned to explore the north of Germany instead. Well, you can’t always plan everything ahead, can you? When we were driving north on a cold Thursday afternoon the weather continuously got worse to the point where it was raining cats and dogs – and looking at the sky there really wasn’t much hope for better weather. I turned… View Post

To go self-hosted or not to go self-hosted – this question that had been in the back of my mind since the beginning of 2016. As much as I liked my blog I was craving a change but I couldn’t quite commit to leaving the comfort of blogger behind. And the prospect of self-hosting a blog seemed pretty daunting, it sounded like a challenge that could never be overcome by someone who doesn’t have a clue about HTML and coding. But my mind wouldn’t shake off the thought and now I’m sitting here, nearly six months later, and I can… View Post

I definitely consider myself a bookworm. Since I was young I have been dreaming about my future house and about turning one of its rooms into a library. And if I don’t have a spare room I’ll have to turn my bedroom into a library with a bed in one corner. Just imagine the scenario. I don’t think you would ever see me outside again. No, I would spend every single minute reading while sipping on a cup of vanilla tea or a hot cocoa. With reading I often stick to the same genre of books – I have to… View Post

We all blog for different reasons and mine have slowly changed over time. I went from sharing my love for beauty to sharing my passion for travelling and self-expression through fashion. But basically I talk about whatever is on my mind and whatever I’d like to share with the world. And despite blogging about different topics nowadays my reason for blogging is still the same at its core. I love to inspire others and be inspired by other bloggers, whether that’s in terms of travelling, lifestyle, beauty or fashion. And it isn’t only about giving inspiration to others, it is… View Post

Who doesn’t like a road trip, especially if it includes swimming at the feet of a waterfall? If you have read my first post about Croatia, you know that my family and me spent nearly all of our time relaxing at the beach taking a break from our daily life. But I’m saying nearly for a very good reason – amongst all the relaxed hours in Baska Voda we also decided to go on a day trip to Krka National Park, one of the two popular national parks of the country. So we got up early, packed the (rental) car… View Post