After talking about my plans for this summer in my last post I decided to turn words into action. So instead of spending the week at home I listened to my own preaching to fill this summer with exciting trips and exploring and thus bought a return ticket to Hamburg to visit a really good friend of mine. I was incredibly excited at the prospect of seeing her again as we hadn’t met up in a while and as she had moved flats in the meantime. But the best thing about true friendship is that neither distance nor time matter… View Post

  Summer has finally started. In theory at least. The weather can’t seem to make up its mind this year and it looks like it’s decided to just skip the hot season and head straight to autumn. But it’s only the beginning of July and so there is still hope for those of you who love high temperatures and who can’t wait to dig their summer clothes out.I’m typing this the sun has suddenly reappeared as if to underline my last statement. Anyway, I am really excited for this season as I got many things planned and as I can’t wait… View Post

Imagine blogging didn’t exist. So many hours filled with writing, planning and interacting with the community would have to be filled again and dedicated to something else. A situation that is really hard to imagine, especially if blogging is a firm part of your daily life and has the therefore become a firm part of you as a person. It all started as a simple hobby, something I did from time to time. When I typed up my first blog post that was about my July favourites I never imagined where blogging would lead me and that it would eventually… View Post

Learning a foreign language can be intimidating but one thing is certain – it is fully worth it. Not only do you broaden your horizon by acquiring new language skills you also discover a whole new world and you simultaneously grow as a person. But the list of arguments for learning a new language is endless. It ranges from being able to watch movies in their original language to connecting to people and exploring a new culture as language, culture and identity are interconnected. There is something really exciting about going on holidays abroad and being able to speak the… View Post

I love using my blog as a platform to inspire others to go out and explore the world around them. One of the things I’m passionate about is promoting places that aren’t as touristy and that aren’t necessarily mentioned in any guide books. So today I thought I would talk about a city that hardly gets visited by any tourists and that you have probably never heard about before: Venice. Oh well. I remember sitting in the kitchen of the hostel I was working at in Nice and chatting to other volunteers from all over the world. One of them… View Post

If you had only one day to live, how would you live it? A rather complex question that has probably crossed each person’s mind at least once. We never actually think that it’s the last day, though, we always assume we are left with many more. So the question about how we’d fill our last 24 hours seems absurd and like a hypothetical scenario we will never actually enter. Last year I read a book that dealt with exactly that topic and although this seems like ages ago this book has not left my mind since. I have already mentioned… View Post

7 billion people. All so different and yet all the same. We come from different continents, different countries, different cities, different streets. We are tall and we are small, we got dark and light hair, we are white and black and everything in between. We follow different religions, different beliefs, different goals, eat in  different way or get lost in different moments. We are young. We are old. We all have stories to be told. And despite all the differences, all the little things that make us our unique self, we are somehow the same. We fear, we laugh, we… View Post

When we left for Marseille on a Friday morning I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard a lot about the city and everyone seemed to think differently about the it. It ranged from ‘not worth seeing’ to ‘really interesting’ and despite hearing mixed reviews I knew that Marseille was the city in France I was most intrigued by and that I needed to see before heading home. So when we got on the Flixbus in Nice I was feeling really excited about the prospect of finally getting to visit Marseille. Can I just mention how amazing that bus was?… View Post

How much time in life do you spend waiting? Waiting is an inevitable act. We wait for the train to come, we wait for our coffee at Starbucks, we wait for our colleagues, we wait for our shifts to be over. Sometimes it feels like we are stuck in an endless loop of waiting, constantly putting our lives at halt and waiting for things to be over instead of just living them. They say that people wait all week for the weekend, all year for summer and all life for happiness and I do believe that this statement is true… View Post

When you think about France what is the first city that pops into your mind? I bet it’s Paris or maybe Marseille or Bordeaux. When we visit a country we usually stay in the biggest cities or just travel down to the seaside where we spend days lying at the beach, letting go of all the worries with the crashing of the waves. Whilst I am travelling France I’m discovering different sides of the country and I find them all equally interesting and unique. Having stayed near the seaside in the west of France for a while I took the… View Post